12v 24v Brushless DC Water Pump

TOPSFLO Organized APQP Training to Further Consolidate the Enterprise Quality Control On July 16, 2021, TOPSFLO Industry & Technology Co., ltd (Micro DC Pump & Motor) organized a quarterly APQP training session. The meeting was given by Mr. You, a R&D manager with many years of product development experience in TOPSFLO..

12v 24v Brushless DC Water Pump

TOPSFLO introduces intellectual property management system to promote scientific and technological innovation and development On July 16, 2021, TOPS Industry and Technology Co.,LTD (TOPSFLO) launched the launching ceremony and training meeting for the introduction of the intellectual property management system.

12v 24v Brushless DC Water Pump

TOPSFLO Helps the World’s Leading Medical Technology Company Realize the Breakthrough of Zero Impurity Technology for Medical Deionized Water Pump Recently, TOPSFLO made another great breakthrough in the field of raw materials R&D for Brushless DC water pump TL-C01, which was provided for client’s medical equipment, successfully passed the one-year "none particle testing", and realized zero impuri

TOPSFLO smart toilet pump

TOPSFLO smart toilet pump appears at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, leading the new trend of the industry At this grand international exhibition, TOPSFLO, which has 16 years of experience in miniature brushless DC pumps, brought you a variety of innovative products in the kitchen and bathroom industry, including smart toilet booster pumps, smart toilet skirt

comai smart toilet booster pump

TOPSFLO joins hands with COMAi to promote the upgrade of the smart toilet industry (1) Recently, TOPSFLO Pump Industry has continued to increase orders for smart toilet booster pumps provided by COMAi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

TOPSFLO High Pressure Double-head Diaphragm Pump for Ventilator Industry Application

TOPSFLO High Pressure Brushless Double-head Diaphragm Pump for Ventilator Industry Application TMD40A-F Brushless diaphragm ventilator pump, in order to ensure safety, uses food-grade safe production raw materials, sourced globally, and can be traced back to the original factory; all micro brushless DC pumps have passed high standards ...

smart toilet booster pump

How to choose smart toilet booster pump (Micro DC Brushless Water Pump) Smart Toilet Booster Water Pump , Fast start-up speed, small size, easy installation;No water pressure limitation, large flow, high flow and high lift;Long life, quiet, energy saving and environmental protection.

mini quiet water pump

World Noise Day: Say "No" to Noise. TOPSFLO is committed to "Let the world enjoy the quiet pumps" Home, as the last pure land and "quiet" land, should allow people to relax and enjoy quietness. However, according to big data analysis, more than half of peo

topsflo 12v 24v mini DC Water Pump

2021 TOPSFLO New Year's kick-off meeting: Continue to build a China century enterprise with a sense of purpose and happiness In 2020, it will be a severe test for China and even the world. A pandemic caused the global economy to press the pause button...

12v 24v Brushless DC Water circulation Pump

How to choose a zero cold water DC circulating pump? TOPSFLO engineers tell you three core elements. 1.Try to choose a DC circulating pump with large flow and strong power to easily realize circulating pressure 2.Choose a circulating booster pump with intelligently matched, which is more worry-free and energy-saving

topsflo 12v 24v Brushless DC Water Pump

TOPSFLO Micro Pump successfully passed the annual audit of TUV Rheinland’s IATF 16949 system again. TOPS Industry and Technology Co.,LTD (TOPSFLO) successfully passed the annual supervision and audit of the IATF 16949 quality management system of TUV Rheinland, and was highly praised by the audit experts.

12v brushless dc water pump

Topsflo-forging ahead to build a century-old brand of micro pump(2) For production enterprises, brand confidence comes from the persistence of quality. Based on the brushless DC pump industry, TOPSFLO will develop bigger flow rate brushless DC water pump products to match heating equipment while ensuring stable and ....

12v 24v centrifual brushless dc mini pump

Topsflo forging ahead to build a century-old brand of micro pump(1) Introduction: Founded in 2005, TOPS INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED(hereinafter referred to as "TOPSFLO") is a global leading provider of brushless DC pump solutions and 80% of its products are exported to high-end markets in Europe and America. Af


Demystifying | why the world's well-known hot drink machine companies have all chosen TOPSFLO pumps Kitchen hot water drink machine, also called instant hot drink machine, instant boiling/chilled drinking water system, boiling tap - is an equipment system that can heat drinking water to a temperature close to the boiling point in 2 seconds or less. It


Topsflo assists French Water Purification Technology with new customized solutions.-2 TOPSFLO 12v 24v brushless dc water purification pump

topsflo-water-purification-pump,brushless dc water pump

Topsflo assists French Water Purification Technology with new customized solutions-1 Recently, Topsflo received feedback from the French customer that they’re satisfied with Topsflo Pump's design, customization and full service and thanks for the active cooperation and meticulous service from Topsflo team. So far, Topsflo has perfectly

topsflo heating group

TOPSFLO reached in-depth cooperation with a well-known German heating group A few days ago, a team of engineers from the German branch of the German professional thermal group came to TOPSFLO to propose to TOPSFLO the technical require

TOPSFLO MICRO DC PUMP-employee birthday and anniversary

Thanksgiving for TOPSFLO’s May employee birthday and anniversary In May, TOPSFLO ushered in a special day for two friendsRuby's birthday, 5th anniversary of business manager9th Anniversary of Employment

Cleaning Machine pump,brushless dc water pump,mini water pump

The biggest Cleaning Machine manufacture in the world- German Kärcher, visited TOPSFLO and had a depth discussion on technical issues Recently, German Kärcher engineer team visited TOPSFLO, who have had technical discussion with TOPSFLO for gear pump use for Floor Cleaner with Suction application, finally reached the preliminary intention of cooperation.

micro pump

Topsflo strictly follows EATON’s standard, implement the highest standard of safety and reliablility around the world Recently, EATON placed orders to Topsflo again and recognized Topsflo’s efforts of providing professional micro pump solutions for 5 years. Topsflo reiterated that they will continue supporting EATON and strictly follow EATON’s standard, implement the hig

diaphragm pump

TOPSFLO micro-pump plays an important role in portable medical devices for infants TM40 diaphragm pump

topsflo micro dc pump-cooperates-with-mitutoyo

Topsflo cooperates with Mitutoyo, the world's most advanced precision measuring instrument manufacturer, to promote the laboratory to upgrade again. Recently, Lambert Chan, Sales Director of South China's Mitutoyo Corporation, made a special trip from Hong Kong headquarters to Changsha. He also discussed about equipment procurement with General Manager Richard Wang and Purchasing Manager of Topsflo,

motorcycles centrifual brushless dc pump

Austria KTM- The champion of world motorcycle rally, revisited TOPSFLO to discuss seven years of excellent cooperation and mutual new development In July 2019, the R&D director, engineer and purchasing manager of the electric motorcycle project department from Austrian KTM group revisited TOPSFLO headquar

centrifual brushless dc pump

Topsflo new DC pumps showing at ISH CHINA, triggers industry changes Recently, the global high-end micro-pump leader Topsflo attended ISH CHINA 2019. As the leading fair in Asia, ISH CHINA once again brings the latest products and technologies to the HVAC industry and covers a wide range of HVAC, building water supply&drai

TOPSFLO new intelligent DC water pump attracts tremendous attention Ultra-quiet, Safe, Eco-Friendly, Smart,  Not One Less pump

TOPSFLO new intelligent DC variable frequency water pump attracts tremendous attention Ultra-quiet, Safe, Eco-Friendly, Smart, Not One Less Ultra-quiet, Safe, Eco-Friendly, Smart, Not One Less TOPSFLO new intelligent DC variable frequency water pump

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