EV Circulating DC Water Pump-TA60

  • Max Flow Rate: 34L 37L
  • Max Static Lift: 8.5M
  • Rated Voltage: 12V 24V
  • Media: Water, antifreeze,silicone oil
  • Liquid Temperature: -40-100°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -45℃~80℃

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  • Electric auto circulation pump
■ Overview

 Electric Vehicle Coolant Pump
The partnership between TOPSFLO Pumps and American T Company, a well-known manufacturer of DC supercharger stacks for electric vehicles, began in 2017 and just happened to accompany and witness the rise of the industry. After more than five years of cooperation, from small-batch trial production to long-term strategic cooperation, the relationship between the two parties is as long and fragrant as old wine. In 2021, the liquid-cooled circulating water pump provided by TOPSFLO for the T Company's super-charging pile project was officially mass-produced, which added a powerful touch to the history of cooperation between the two parties.

The electric car is cooling circulating pump car drive motor, controller and batteries, and is one of the important components of the cooling system, the function of the pump is through the study of the pressure of cooling fluid, ensure the circulation flow in the cooling system, so as to achieve the purpose of the temperature control system. The Coolant circulating pump adopts advanced non-inductive string wave control algorithm, which is stable and efficient.

• Ambient Temperature -45℃~80℃
 Intelligent control, FG signal, 6 Intelligent Protection Function
• Long working life >20,000 hours
• Good batch consistency, defect rate as low as 1/100000
• Low heat generation, fast heat dissipation, good cooling effect

liquid cooling charging cables pump

High Pressure EV Charger Pump Features:

·High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime.
·Heavy duty work, can sustain 24 hours continuous running.
·Durable permanent magnetic rotor & high density ceramic shaft.
·Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without leakage forever.
·Replacing position sensor by micro processor position calculation, -40°C~100°C wide operating temperature is realized, suitable for extreme outdoor environment.
·Optimized 3 phase motor high efficiency design, combined with low-resistance copper wire, achieving large flow and low temperature rise.
·Anti-vibration pump rubber bracket designed for automotive vibration working condition.
·Highly adaptable circuit designed specially for unstable automotive voltage and peak voltage.
·Automotive water-proof connector.
·Applied liquid: pure water, antifreeze solution.
·Low or no maintenance.
·Low power consumption

Protection functions:
Over-Voltage Protection,Over-Current Protection,Blocked-Protection,Polarity Protection,constant power output,Dry-running Protection


Protection functions:
·Automatic polarity protection ·over-voltage protection,Blocked-Protection

·over-current protection ·constant power output ·dry-running protection

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Liquid Cooled EV Charging cables pump

■ Specifications
Max Flow Rate 34L 37L
Max Static Lift 8.5M
Rated Voltage 12V 24V
Impeller Type open impeller
Liquid Temperature -40-100°C
Pump Theory Centrifugal pump
Motor Type 3 phase motor
Media Pure Water,antifreeze
Use Place Indoor
Working Voltage Range 6~18V  12~28V
Power Consumption 60W
Noise Class form 1M 50dB /Max
Ideal Life Time >20000 Hours
Working Mode Continuous
OD of Inlet 22mm
OD of Outlet 22mm
Power Supply DC power supply, battery
Protection Functions Automatic polarity protection,over-voltage protection,over-current protection,
constant power output,dry-running protection,Blocked-Protection
Remarks Not Self-priming
■ Parameter
Model Product Code Max Flow Rate((L/M)) Rated Voltage(V) Current(A) Max Water Head(M) Power(W)
TA60 TA60-R12-3409 34L 12 4.5 8.5 54
TA60-R24-3709 37L 24 2.5 8.5 60
■ Curve & Dimension
EV charging station pump

EV charging pump
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