• Career Growth

Growth in TOPSFLO: keep an open mind, train talents by ourselves

Career Planning

TOPSFLO actively expands the space for personal development, customizes every employee’s career plan, and adopts a career development path for our employees that is featured with “two promotion channels”—management channel and professional channel so that everyone’s development is closely linked with the development of TOPSFLO.


The qualification programs in TOPSFLO provide a clear development path for every position, so that achieving career success is no longer a daydream but available to everyone and the path to success no longer a log bridge. The multi-channel and multi-level qualification system has laid a solid foundation for success tailored to you!

Training Mechanism

Deeply acknowledging the strategic importance of learning-based organization, TOPSFLO has established a three-level training system, including general training, professional training and job training, which aims at training versatile professionals and fostering various skills that our employees need in their work.

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Innovation Works and Inspiration Ark—the Innovation Fund in TOPSFLO

TOPSFLO is working on building the innovation works and inspiration ark to arouse our employees’ innovative spirit and foster an innovative culture in the company. In September 2012, TOPSFLO founded Innovation Fund to encourage teams or employees to make innovations in technologies, marketing and management, among others. The fund has successfully stimulated the innovative spirit of TOPSFLO people and brought continuous vigor and vitality into the development of TOPSFLO.