We specialized in all kinds of micro pumps (micro BLDC centrifugal water pump, micro gear pump, high performance diaphragm air/liquid pump) for over 10 years with excellent quality and competitive.

There are several ways to contact our technical or sales staff: By phone at +86-731-82739266 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Beijing time in working days, by email at info@topsflo.com or via live chat on our website www.topsflo.com.

Please contact on of our sales engineers by E-mail:sales@topsflo.com. Our highly trained team will help you source the custom product you need.

Please tell me your detailed flow rate, pressure, running time, voltage, application, fluid, ambient temperature and so on, then I will match the most appropriate pump for you, or you can choose the exact model in the product manual.

Our sales engineers can assist you with product selection and recommendation, troubleshooting and technical assistance, manuals and documentation, custom and unique product sourcing, complete application solutions and much more!

You can place a blanket order for up to a year with us, specifying the amounts and dates you want shipped.

1.The stock samples can be sent to you within 3-5 days by international express after received 2.The batch order can be shipped to you in about 30-40days after order confirmation (by air or by sea)

TOPSFLO Micro Pumps builds to order for the Original Equipment Market. Generally, quantities of 100 pieces or less can be purchased from one of our distributors or online sale webs.

Long or restrictive tubing causes high pressure drags. This will reduce the pump flow and/or require more power.

Diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and peristaltic pumps can be run dry for any length of time. Centrifugal, rotary vane, and gear pumps should not be run dry; exceptions are if the gear or impeller is made of a self-lubricating material such as RYTON in which case the pump can be run for a few minutes while priming.

This depends on the type of pump and the specific pump. Diaphragm pumps (especially double diaphragm pumps) and gear pumps are usually the best for viscous fluids.

We offer one warrantee period beginning from the time of shipment for OEM application, we can provide spare parts for replacements, if our serious product problems, we can make replacement of free charge.

We are confident that our prices are competitive compared with those at the same quality level, since we have stayed in this filed more than 14 years. And we always adhere to the principle of provide top quality products with competitive prices.

As China is still a developing country, there are only a few products with patent rights, and copy products l spread very fast in the market. Of course, the prices of those copy products with cheap material and less quality control are relatively cheaper.