1).Focus on core businesses.
Although TOPSFLO has expanded its core business from DC pumps products to the whole range products including brushless centrifugal pumps, miniature diaphragm pumps, micro gear pumps, micro gas/liquid diaphragm pumps, and Flow Technologies field, it still contributes and concentrates on micro flow product related business. TOPSFLO is dedicated to become the first class micro pump products manufacturer over the world before the end of 2020s'

2).Continuous improvement in quality, technology, and procedure.
Quality is always the whole life of TOPSFLO. As the consideration that technology plays an important role in quality improvement, TOPSFLO makes an investment around 5% of sales into technologies related activities annually. Besides, TOPSFLO also simplifies, rationalizes the procedures and organizations for sustainable development

One of the outstanding advantages of TOPSFLOI is that we can supply high qualified and cost-effective products to our customers. And TOPSFLO is always adhering to this belief.

This will make TOPSFLO to be the real global leader in the field with internationalized views, management, and highly qualified human resources. TOPSFLO is to be a world enterprise under implementation of the internationalization strategy in the near future.

5).Strategic alliance
To make possible strategic alliance relationship with some global industrial leadership will lead to win-win situations that ensure better service to our customers.