Research & Development


TOPSFLO Pumps continuously develops new materials and construction principles
♦ All new products pass specific tests in our laboratories under “customer need” conditions
♦ Our development engineers cooperate closely with our product engineers
♦ We optimize performance, long life and product quality with the lowest possible production costs of the required gear pumps, piston pumps and valves
♦ Our product- and manufacturing technology is state-of-the-art 
♦ We design our products to improve our customers competitive edge in the marketplace

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

TOPSFLO engineers and technicians are continuously developing leading edge technologies, improving existing technologies and proactively responding to our customers' critical needs by conducting application specific testing which mimic the actual operating conditions. We provide expertise through our ability to test for: sound reduction, lower vibration, improved cooling efficiencies, development of alternative mountings and the extension of the service-free life of our pumps.

Our in-house testing capabilities include:
♦ Sound and vibration testing
♦ Agency certification (CE, ROHS, CSA, FDA, etc.)
♦ Humidity and altitude testing
♦ Finished module tests
♦ Life testing simulations
♦ New product qualification