• Motor Type: Brush DC motor
  • Max flow: 3.5L/min
  • Max pressure: 10Bar
  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Suction Height: 1~2M
  • Fluid Temperature: -10 ℃ ≤ T ≤ 100 ℃ (except for the freezing)

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  • micro gear pump
■ Overview
MG200 Series / Magnetic Drive Micro Gear Pump (DC brush motor)

1. Magnetic gear pumps, using magnetic coupling drive without leakage,316 stainless steel shell, PEEK material gear,PTFE materials for the static sealing and bearing, can with the built-in limit pressure valve.
2. Widely used in medical machinery, fine chemicals, water treatment printing, cleaning, packaging, food processing,. and other areas of liquid delivery

Magnetic Drive Gear Pump Features:
1.High differential pressure capability,small size
2.Excellent suction capability
3.Smooth, Pulseless Delivery
4.Easy to Service Chemical resistance
5.DC Motor drive.
6.Stable fluid stream ideal for precision control and analytical applications
7.Excellent for lubrication and recirculation
8.Repeatable and predictable flowrate
10.Well suited to pumping hazardous or hygeinic fluids
11.Brushless motor Longer life
12.Safer fluid containment


Magnet drive Micro gear pumps Main Application:
• Medical and surgical equipment pump • Hemodialysis apparatus pump 
• Laser apparatus pump • Lubrication pump
• Ink-Jet printing systems (CIJ Ink Printers to Paint metering and Transfer applications)pump 
• Cooling systems pump • Laboratory instrumentation pump
• Water treatment  pump • Sampling  pump
• Food processing equipment (Coffee pumps, hot and cold drinks, mixing, milk,and carbonation)pump 
• Sanitization pump
• Atmospheric water generator, Atmospheric drinking water devices
Magnetic Drive micro gear pump manufacturer

■ Specifications
1 Motor Type Brush DC motor
2 Max flow 3.5L/min
3 Max pressure 10Bar
4 Rated Voltage 24V
5 Suction Height 1~2M
6 Fluid Temperature: -10 ℃ ≤ T ≤ 100 ℃ (except for the freezing)
7 Pump Theory Gear pump
8 Humidity environment: ≤ 85%
9 Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃
10 Use Place Indoor
11 Media: Most Liquids, acid and alkali, salt, organic solvents, oils.
12 Fluid viscosity: 0 ~ 3000 CPS
13 Ideal Life Time 1500~2000hours
14 Working Way Continous
15 Weight 1.5kg
16 Functions Can dry-running, Self-priming
■ Parameter
Model Max Head Pressure (Bar) Max Flow scope (ml/Min) Power (W) Voltage (V) Inlet/Outlet Diameter ml/rpm (reference 3000RPM)
MG204XK/DC24 10 1000 70W DC24 G1/8” 0.27
MG209XK/DC24 7 2500 70W DC24 G1/8” 0.55
MG213XK/DC24 7 3500 70W DC24 G1/8” 0.75
Note: 1. "04" means the gear with the height of 4mm, "09" means 9mm, "13" means 13mm .
2. if needed : "L" limited pressure valve, " R " non return valve , please specially specify in advance.
3. "XK" PEEK gear, "YT" Alloy gear, if the liquid contain rigid particles,such as pigment ink,recommend use YT gear.
■ Curve & Dimension
mg200xk-dc24-performance-curve mg200xk-dc24-performance-curve mg200xk-dc24-performance-curve
Note: Usually suggested to work under 4000RPM, not higher than this.
Above test result basis on the medium of water.

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