TL-C04 High Pressure Smart Toilet Booster Pump

  • Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
  • Max flow: 48-60L/min
  • Max Head: 8-12M

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  • Intelligent Toilet  flush Pump
■ Overview
 TL-C04 High Pressure Smart Toilet Booster Pump
Intelligent toilet pump,Smart toilet water booster pump usually used in a smart toilet without water tank. It needs to flush the toilet by the pressure of the tap water, since there is no water tank. However, the pressure of the household tap water pipe is not enough, which requires a booster pump to solve this problem. So, a intelligent toilet booster pump come out, it can effectively, quickly and cleanly flush the toilet.

Smart toilet Pump Application:

  • Intelligent toilet
  • Smart bathtub
  • Other water circulation systems
Smart Toilet Water Pump Manufacturer-Bathroom automatic intelligent pump


Strong Flushing Force, Good Siphon Effect

Large flow 60L/min, high efficiency

Intelligent Control
Customizable start & stop time, 5V, PWM rotor speed control, etc

Ultra-quiet Design
Noise 15dB lower than industry average

Low Energy Consumption
High-efficiency motors and rotor design, pump efficiency 30% higher than industry

0.1s Start , Water-saving 

Small size, long life

Smart Toilet Water Pump Manufacturer-Bathroom automatic intelligent pump

■ Specifications
Intelligent Toilet Pump | Smart Toilet Water Pump Specification: 

Model     Product Code  Max Water Flow (L/Min) Rated Voltage(DC) Rated Current (A) Max Water Head(M) Rated Power(W)
C04 TL-C04-A12-4407 44 12VDC 4.7 7 56.4
TL-C04-A24-4808 48 24VDC 2.8 8 67.2
TL-C04-B24-5008 50 24VDC 2.9 8 69.6
TL-C04-B12-5509 55 12VDC 6.4 8.5±1 76.8
TL-C04-B24-6012 60 24VDC 5.05 12 121.2

■ Parameter
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■ Curve & Dimension
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