Compensation Benefit

Salaries and Benefits

The company provides for staff salaries with industry and regional competitiveness, which respects for differences in job values​​ and are set for different salary system according to job position. Salary adjustment will take 1 - 2 times per year; Excellent backbone staffs have the opportunity to gain extra bonus shares. Meanwhile, the company is very concerned about setting up every ensuring mechanism for staffs, like offering social security insurance & other comprehensive benefits.

1. Staff Living Support

There are standard cafeteria, employees can enjoy a reasonable combination lunch and overtime meal here.
There are well-equipped staff apartment, ensuring employees a good living environment.

2. Paid Vacation

Having standard legal holidays, longer vacations during the Spring Festival, then staffs can enjoy more time with their families. Besides, along with, some categories of holiday days would increase by the growth of seniority.

3.Staffs Activities

The company will regularly hold some group activities, such as sports, outward bound activities, association activities and annual tourism.

4. Festivals Bonus

For all the traditional holidays like Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Chinese New Year, Women's Day ......, the company will grant staffs with red packet or exquisite gift.

5. Commerciality Supplements Medical Insurance

In order to better relieve the worries of employees' basic living, company employees are insured with commercial supplementary medical insurance, accident injury medical insurance, etc.

6.Staffs Caring

The company set up assistance fund to help those living difficulties and badly in need of assistance, especially frontline staff.