Talents Principles

Human Resources Management Policy: create a growth space for every employee who has moral integrity, great ability and a dream through a fair and just platform

We believe every employee possesses great potentials;

We aim to help our employees enhance their capacity in career through fair & just employment mechanism and scientific & systematic training, to create a broad career platform for our employees with multiple promotion channels, and provide a healthy and positive atmosphere for our employees with fair and transparent incentives;

We intend to build a working environment in which our employees strive for perfection and constant improving, keep bettering our thinking on human resources management, work hard to help our employees achieve their career goals and enable them to have a sense of pride in decent employment, and always increase our employees’ satisfaction.

TOPSFLO Principles of Selecting Talents: appoint people according to their abilities, give priority to moral integrity

Be brave to take responsibility and willing to serve and cooperate with others. Be good at introspection and eager to register better performance.

TOPSFLO Principles of Training Talents: keep an open mind, train talents by ourselves

While taking our development strategy into consideration, TOPSFLO formulates scientific and systematic training courses and plans to enhance the overall quality, work skills and management ability of our employees, sets up multiple promotion channels to create equal opportunities for development, and encourages our employees to achieve career development through their own efforts.

TOPSFLO Principles of Appointing Talents: provide a career development platform for every employee with moral integrity, great ability and beautiful dreams

We strive to appoint qualified people to suitable positions to give full play to their talent;

In TOPSFLO, we encourage our employees to innovate with enthusiasm, emphasize and keep on stimulating every employee’s potentials, and make our employees proud of decent employment. We look forward to creating a promising future for TOPSFLO together with outstanding talents.

TOPSFLO Principles of Retaining Talents:
Retain talents with our perfect mechanisms by enabling our employees and company to achieve common prosperity;

Retain talents with a promising career by helping our employees grow with our company, achieve their career and personal goals;

Retain talents with our beautiful environment by providing a sound and harmonious working environment;

Retain talents with our unique culture by making our humanity care culture a paradise for TOPSFLO people.

Talents Principles