TOPSFLO Brushless DC Water Pump

  • Voltage: 12V 24V
  • Max Flow rate: 3~24LPM
  • Max Water head: 2~11meter
  • Application: Cooling Circulating
  • Liquid: water, glycol, coolant, antifreeze

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■ Overview
Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump manufacturer

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump
 Brushlss DC Water Pump factory

About TOPSFLO Factory

♦ 16000㎡ modern factory with its own physical property rights, ESD anti-static control dust free workshop,100+ sets of professional imported equipment
♦ 4 major professional and precision laboratories that meet the CNAS national laboratory accreditation standards
♦ More than 50 patents in the micro water pump industry, strong research and development strength, and master advanced industry technology
♦ Complete certification, passed CE, ROHS, REACH, WRAS, Food Grade and other certification


Brushlss DC Water Pump manufacturer CUSTOMIZED

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B04 Hot Water Dispenser Pump Home Energy Storage Cooling Pump C01-D Hot Water Circulation Pump
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1.Product Features:

.High efficiency brushless DC motor with long lifetime > 20,000hours
.Heavy duty work,can sustain continuous 24hours work
.All wetted materials FDA approved to be safety usage
.IP protection level: IP68, submersible directly
.Blocked protection

• No rotor cracking
Japan imported high-precision rotor, more wear-resistant

• No electronic failure.
The design of the electronic scheme has sufficient margin to prevent electronic failure and electrostatic breakdown.

• High batch consistency
100% full inspection process, noise batch consistency is stable at 1-2dB difference
• Certificate: CE,RoHS,FDA,REACH,WRAS,TUV IATF16949/ISO9001
• Intelligent control : PWM or 0~5V speed control , FG (RPM) signal wire

2.Our Factory

 18 years of focus on the production of micro brushless DC pumps, 80% of the products are exported to high-end markets in Europe and America

 World authoritative quality system TUV Rheinland ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 double quality system certification

 Own property right factory, independent control of the whole process, automatic electronic wire, motor wire, water pump assembly line

• Imported intelligent equipment, automated lean production

3.Quality Control
  Operate strictly in accordance with the TÜV Rheinland IATF 16949 & ISO 9001 quality system
  Standard APQP quality process management
  Advanced MES, WMS management system, traceability of the whole process
  Stricter than the industry's 6 100% testing process standards

■ Specifications
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12v 24v Mini Brushless DC water Pump manufacturer model

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■ Parameter
♦ Home appliance
Electric Instant Water Heater                      “Zero cold water” water heater      
Air Source Water Heater                             Smart Toilet                         
Home Brewing                                             Solar Energy Water Heater           
Laser Cooling                                 Patient Thermal Management
X-Ray/CRT Cooling                        Fuel Cell
Marine and RV Heating/Cooling      High Voltage Power Supplies and Transformers
Servers & Data Center Liquid Cooling
Battery Cooling   

♦Food industry
♦Automotive industry
Car Engine Pre-heating          EV Battery Cooling System    EV Supercharger Pile     
Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump application
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■ Curve & Dimension
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