Employee Caring

Life in TOPSFLO: bring benefit to our employees, live in harmony and care them

TOPSFLO has always been stuck to the idea of bringing benefit to our employees and repaying our society, and brave to take social responsibilities. Our Board Chairman invested and founded “Fund for TOPSFLO Employees” to help solve our employees’ difficulties and troubles in life. It vividly demonstrates our care for humanity. We provide comfortable production and office environment and dormitories for our employees, and advocate a green, energy-saving and healthy lifestyle. Our rich and colorful activities organized by the labor union will strengthen the teamwork spirit and cohesion of TOPSFLO people.

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Work in TOPSFLO: shoulder responsibilities and take on every job with harmony

TOPSFLO aims at being a company with social responsibility. Our responsibility starts from using and managing energy in a safer and more reliable manner, meanwhile we have proved with our action that we are dedicated to providing help for our society, and lend a helping hand to those in need when disasters occur.

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