• Motor Type: Brush DC motor
  • Max flow: 2.5L/min
  • Max pressure: 4Bar
  • Rated Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Suction Height: 0.7M
  • Media:: A variety of liquid and oil,Beverage

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  • Direct Drive Gear Pump
■ Overview
Direct Drive DC Micro Gear Pump TG-01 Features:
1.The pump shell is made of high quality plastic, durable in use. Excellent self-priming,
2.Chemical resistance, high pressure, suitable for the extraction of a variety of media.
3.Low starting current, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation.
4.Low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection.
5.It is mainly used for coffee machine, automatic commercial coffee machine milk ,water dispenser, beveage,drone spraying pesticide and so on.
6.Pump milk, cooking oil, weak acid and weak base, gasoline and diesel oil.

Micro Gear Fluid Pump TG01

Direct Drive DC Micro Gear Pump Application:

This product uses the structure of slowdown, the use of brush motor drive, with a small volume of high pressure characteristics.
Applicable to the occasion of intermittent transmission of media. Widely used in spray, sanitary ware, spray, ice maker, water dispenser,Coffee making machines, drinking fountains,Wine dispensers,Beverage dispensing,car wash window pump. Air conditioning pump. Humidifier, medical equipment, food and other departments, pesticides, water treatment, filling machines, electrical appliances industry, experimental factories.
■ Specifications
Motor Type Brush DC motor
Max flow 2.5L/min
Max pressure 4 Bar
Rated Voltage 12V / 24V
Suction Height 0.7M
Fluid Temperature: 0~80 ℃ 
Operating voltage range
12V pump range is 9~15V, 24V pump range is 18~28V
Pump Theory Gear pump
Media: A variety of liquid and oil
Ideal Life Time 1000hour
Working Way Interrupt
Functions Self-priming
■ Parameter
Model Product Code Rated Voltage No load Current (A) Max. Load Current
TG01 TG01-A12-B01-0204 12 0.9 2.0 4 2.5
TG01-A24-B01-0204 24 0.6 1.2 4 2.5
■ Curve & Dimension
 12v gear pump

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