OEM Process  
OEM Process
STEP 1: Project Qualification and Specification Review
The first step in the RFQ process involves TOPSFLO dedicated design and application engineers reviewing your application requirements and identifying potential solutions for your pump and system requirements. Using an extensive library of established designs, we take your system parameters and match them to our pump capabilities.

STEP 2: Selection and Proposal
For the second step in the RFQ process, TOPSFLO will utilize our existing pump configurations as the foundation for our selection process. We consider every aspect of your requirements to determine the best possible solution for your needs while paying close attention to achieving cost targets. Our experienced OEM applications team will review and discuss with your staff all the possible options in order to ensure the best form, fit and function as well as commercial viability.

STEP 3: Prototype Sampling
After the design foundation has been selected, pump prototypes are provided to customers in order to validate the performance characteristics in the actual application. All prototypes are tested prior to release to ensure mechanical and electrical integrity.

The depth of our product line and technical capabilities often enable us to provide several solutions for a given application. This provides us the ability to respond to design changes experienced during the prototype phase, minimizing lead times or delays.

STEP 4: Production Release
Once the final product has been approved, TOPSFLO focuses on quality, reliability, on-time delivery, and continuous improvement to assure our OEM partners of our full support throughout the product life cycle. To further strengthen our commitment to our OEM partners, we will continuously explore opportunities to improve manufacturing efficiency and product value.