EV Charger
EV Fast Charger pump

The electric car is cooling circulating pump car drive motor, controller and batteries, and is one of the important components of the cooling system, the function of the pump is through the study of the pressure of cooling fluid, ensure the circulation flow in the cooling system, so as to achieve the purpose of the temperature control system. The Coolant circulating pump adopts advanced non-inductive string wave control algorithm, which is stable and efficient.

Meet all the liquid cooling needs of DC supercharger piles in the market,Suitable for different cooling applications such as super charging pile liquid cooling module, EV charger cables cooling, etc

EV charger cables pump EV charger station pump fsat ev charger cooling pump
EV charger liquid-cooling module pump
EV Charger cable cooling pump
EV Fast Charger cooling pump
EV charger cables cooling pump Water Cooling Pump Fast Charger cooling pump 
E-Mobility charging cables pump
EV Charger liquid cooling pump
MG Series
Fast Charger cooling pump 


Typical Applications:

  • ·EV Supercharger 
  • ·EV Fast Charger
  • ·E-car charging cables,eMobility charging
  • ·EV Charger cable cooling
  • ·Electric Vehicle Charger Liquid-cooling module 

Environmental & Water Treatment Environmental & Water Treatment

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