Electric Coolant Pump /Liquid Cooling Pump TA70

  • Motor: BLDC Motor
  • Max flow: 40-60L/min
  • Max head: 10-20M

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  • Electric Coolant Pump manufacturer
■ Overview
Outdoor energy storage cabinet cooling pump

High Pressure Liquid Cooling Pump TA70 Application:
Industrial & Commercial electronics cooling
Thermal management liquid cooling system
Outdoor energy storage cabinet cooling
Energy backup Liquid-cooled cabinet
EV charger liquid-cooling system
Fuel cell cooling system

High Pressure Liquid Cooling Pump TA70 Features:
DC brushless motor, long life 
Can work continuously for 24 hours/day
-45°C extreme low temperature startup, 100°C high temperature resistance
Liquid: pure water antifreeze
Advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal, no leakage
Optimized design of motor, extremely small temperature rise
Overvoltage/undervoltage protection, reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection, stall protection, idling protection (customizable)
PWM speed regulation function, fault feedback function
Professional electronic component design
Professional waterproof terminal
Waterproof and dustproof grade: IP68
6-28V wide voltage operation
Low power consumption, zero maintenance

■ Specifications
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■ Parameter
■ Curve & Dimension
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