Medical Direct Drive Pumps TL-C01F

  • Voltage: 24v
  • Max flow: 11L/min
  • Max Water Head : 12M
  • Liquid: Pure water, antifreeze, deionized water, cleaning fluid
  • Food Grade: Y
  • Motor: BLDC motor

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  • Direct Drive Pumps
■ Overview
TOPSFLO C01 Series new control signal type of DC brushless motor drive canned centrifugal pumps have been added. Tachometer feedback is possible at the same time as the pump variable input signal. It is compact, lightweight, low noise, and sealless, so there is no liquid leakage.


• 0 particle, 0 impurity
• 30000 hours long life
• Stable flow, small size
• High temperature resistance, low heat generation
• Seal-less design
• Readily compliant with international standards
• Flow adjustment feature and built-in drive technology
• High temperature environments


• Medical:
In vitro diagnostic instruments,Biochemical analysis,Medical beauty,Hydrogen oxygen machine,
Medical beauty physiotherapy equipment,Medicine incubatort,Genetic testing equipment,Cooling systems, Patient temperature management medical equipment, Cooling for laser treatment

Medical Direct Drive Pumps Manufacturer

Other application:

• Physical/chemical analysis:
Thermostats, Pure water equipment, Different types of analyzers

• Photo:
Automatic film developing machines, X-ray film developing machines

• Semiconductors:
Semiconductor cooling systems

• Solar power systems:
Electric water heaters, Solar battery heat collectors
■ Specifications
Model     Product Code  Max Water Flow (L/Min) Rated Voltage(DC) Rated Current (A) Max Water Head(M) Rated Power(W)
C01 TL-C01-F24-1112 11 24 1.12 12 27
■ Parameter

■ Curve & Dimension
  Medical Direct Drive Pumps Manufacturer

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