Quiet Water Heater Mattress Pump

  • Motor Type: dc brushless motor

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  • Quiet Hot Water Heater Mattress Pump
■ Overview
 Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal water mattress Pump
water heater mattress circulation pump

Water Cooling / Heating Mattress Pad pump
Hot water mattress pump
Home Circulating System pump
Cooling Circulation pump
Liquid Transfer pump

Product features:
Unique design, 25dB (A), ultra-low noise
Imported raw materials, resistant to 100°C high temperature, no leakage
Small size, space-saving, light-weight
Low-power consumption, energy-saving and environmental protection
Hot water circulation, constant temperature heating, work continuously
Intelligent temperature control

Customization function:
1. PWM or 5V speed control
2. FG (RPM) signal wire

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■ Specifications

■ Parameter
■ Curve & Dimension
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