TF30A-A ink pump

  • Motor Type: Brush DC motor
  • Max flow rate: water:1L/Min
  • Water lift: ≥10M , Max vacuum: 60kpa 70Kpa
  • Voltage: 6V/12V/24V
  • Ideal Life Time: 3000 Hours
  • Functions: Can dry-running, Self-priming

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  • diaphragm ink liquid pump factory
■ Overview
diaphragm printer liquid pump factory

knf printer ink pump


1.Excellent Materials Suitable for Various Ink
• Ink types we can handle include UV cured, titanium dioxide pigmented, silver and other metal particles,FDA/NSF approved, security, in addition to the more traditional water, and solvent based inks.
• For corrosive inks, choose among wetted parts of Nylon, PTFE, PVDF, peroxide-cured EPDM, FFPM, FPM, PP, PPS, 316 stainless steel and many others.

2.Ideal for All Types of Inkjet Printers
♦   Art graphcs printers           ♦   Coding & Marking printers             ♦   Inkjet printing machine
♦   CIJ Small character printer         ♦   UV large format printers             ♦   Flatbed ink jet printers etc.
knf printer ink pump

3.Optional for Different Life Span Motors
    Long life span ink pump system
                                                   -- The foundation of reliable printers
Motor is to a pump what heart is to a person.  Compared with (some other brand) markets common pumps, TOPSFLO is featured with the following advantages.
♦  Optional motor types as above  

♦  Longer Lifetime

♦  less electromagnetic interference

Equiped with anti-electromagnetic interference capacitors, Topsflo pumps cause little interference to your facility.

♦  less temperature rise 

Are you bothered if pump gets heat soon when it's working in your facility? Topsflo adopts the most advanced technology as KNF does, the pump won't get much heat during working,especially outside controller models.

♦  Adjustable flowrate by 0-5V PWM speed control

The model code is identical to the order number,it is made up as follows:
knf printer ink pump

A Motor- Premium duty brush DC motor, lifetime 3,000hours
(Note: other lifetime choices also available: B Motor -1500hours normal brushed; C or D Motor- 15000hours coreless brushless; H Motor- 10000 brushless.)

 printer ink pump knf

■ Specifications
1 Motor Type Brush DC motor
2 Max flow rate water:1L/Min
3 Water lift ≥10M , Max vacuum: 60kpa,70Kpa
4 Voltage 6V/12V/24V
5 Ideal Life Time 3000 Hours
6 Functions Can dry-running, Self-priming
7 Pump Theory Diaphragm pump
8 Ambient Temperature 41 to 158 F(5 to 70C)
9 Use Place Indoor
10 Media: Most Liquids and Gases
11 Noise Class form 1M 50dB /Max
12 Working Mode Continuous or Interrupt
13 Inlet OD 4.8mm/ID 2.6mm
14 Outlet OD 4.8mm/ID 2.6mm
15 Hose suggestion: ID 4.0mm
16 Dimension 75.5mm*30.8mm*54.5mm
17 Weight 200 g
18 Materials pump head Nylon, membrane EPDM, valve EPDM
■ Parameter


Model   Liquid Pump Rated Voltage No-load Current Max Head Max Vacuum Max Flow
(Item Number) (Item Number for mix-usage) (A) ( M ) (KPa) (L/min)
TF30A-A TF30A-A01-12-W101 12  0.4 ≥10M -60 1
  TF30A-A01-12-W1006 12 0.4 ≥10M -70 0.6


TF30 Series ink Pump 
printer ink pump topsflo

■ Curve & Dimension

ink printer pump
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