High Pressure Water Cooling Pump TA60E

  • Motor: BLDC Motor
  • Max Static Lift: 35L/min
  • Max head: 21M
  • Function: FG, PWM,5V
  • Application: EV charger liquid cooling,Energy storage,Server cooling,Thermal management cooling,Chiller,Industrial electronics cooling

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  • Water Cooling Pump TA60E
■ Overview
High Pressure Water Cooling Pump TA60E
gh Pressure Water Cooling Pump TA60E  Advantage:
• Ambient Temperature -45℃~70℃
• Intelligent control, FG signal, 6 Intelligent Protection Function
• Long working life >20,000 hours
• Good batch consistency, defect rate as low as 1/100000
• Low heat generation, fast heat dissipation, good cooling effect

High Pressure Water Cooling Pump TA60E Application:

EV charger liquid-cooling system
Energy storage cabinet cooling
Industrial & Commercial electronics cooling
Thermal management liquid cooling system
Laser, Chiller cooling
Server cooling / CDU cooling
Fuel cell system

High Pressure Water Cooling Pump TA60E

■ Specifications
Max Flow Rate 35L
Max Static Lift 21M
Rated Voltage 24V
Pump Theory Centrifugal pump
Media Antifreeze,Silicone Oil,coolant,water
Waterproof Class IP67
Power Consumption 86.5W
Ideal Life Time >20000 Hours
Working Mode Continuous or Interrupt
OD of Inlet 14.3mm
OD of Outlet 14.3mm
Protection Functions Automatic polarity protection,over-voltage protection,over-current protection,
dry-running protection,Blocked-Protection,Start Protection
Remarks Not Self-priming
■ Parameter
Model Product Code Max Flow Rate((L/M)) Rated Voltage(V) Current(A) Max Water Head(M) Power(W)
TA60 TA60E-B24-3521 35L 24 3.6 21 86.5
■ Curve & Dimension

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