2021 TOPSFLO New Year's kick-off meeting: Continue to build a China century enterprise with a sense of purpose and happiness


In 2020, it will be a severe test for China and even the world. A pandemic caused the global economy to press the pause button. This year, Sino-US trade frictions have continued, and the domestic and foreign market environments have become extremely severe. In cross-border trading companies Under the overall difficult circumstances, TOPSFLO Pumps has maintained a stable and high growth rate.

What makes TOPSFLO stable development? Innovation, quality, service, these are main answers. But if we only look at it from one aspect, it is our business philosophy: to create excellent value for our customers, and to creat spiritual and material happiness to employees.

Creating both spiritual and material happiness for staff
On March 20th, the New Year's kick-off meeting, held by the staff of TOPSFLO, From the original intention and process of this New Year’s kick-off meeting, we were able to understand how TOPSFLO practices "creating spiritual and material happiness to employees".
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On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2021, in order to comply with the national epidemic prevention and control instructions and let everyone have a more secure New Year, the long-prepared 2021 TOPSFLO Pump Industry Annual Conference was finally cancelled, but all awards and bonuses were retained. In a safer and better 2021, TOPSFLO Music will hold an annual meeting at an optional time, so that hardworking, excellent and outstanding partners can reap a happy feedback.
With this original intention, TOPSFLO held the New Year kick-off meeting at the beginning of 2021, During the warmth of spring all the flowers bloom.

The annual meeting, whether it’s from the setting of links, the invitation of participants, and the setting of awards, all reflect that TOPSFLO allows employees to harvest both spiritual and material happiness. In this annual meeting, TOPSFLO invited the family members of employees to participate. The awards of the annual meeting are set with full consideration of the employees’ growth in the company and the harvest of the family: scenic hotel and ticket packages, buffet coupons, especially for four days in Lijiang, Yunnan Four nights 5,000 yuan paid travel fund, rich and attractive rewards, We hope that TOPSFLO partners, while working hard, can also spare time to accompany with their families, share the gains and enjoy a happy life with families.

During the show performance, the production line employees also used a song and dance to show their gratitude and expression to the company for creating the "most happy enterprise". The employees who are usually serious on the production line participated in expansion activities and dance organized by the company, and use their rest time to improve their professional qualities and hobbies. A youthful and enthusiastic "Everyday Upward" singing and dancing won the applause of the audience.
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Creating outstanding value for customer

In 2021, the heads of each department signed the "Target Responsibility Letter" at the New Year's kick-off meeting of TOPSFLO. All target responsibilities will be promoted around the core goal of "creating outstanding value for customers".
It is precisely based on the goal of "creating excellent value for customers" that TOPSFLO Pump can produce every pump that customers can use with absolute confidence in terms of quality; it can meet the needs of customers in research and development; and it can be used in business and service. In-depth insight into customer needs, so that customers do not have any worries; in the market, let more people see TOPSFLO Pumps, in order to create better product quality, get more customers' recognition and more people's respect. Driven by both goals and responsibilities, TOPSFLO will continue to practice this business philosophy.
Thanksgiving and altruism
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"Thanksgiving and altruism" is the core value of TOPSFLO, and it has been practiced in TOPSFLO
Richard Wang, general manager of TOPSFLO Pumps, emphasized at the New Year’s kick-off meeting: " before accomplishing a task, one must conduct himself. "-to achieve a career, you must first have a good character. The company organizes all employees to learn gratitude and respect in the daily morning meeting. let responsibility and talent coexist in each staff, so that the company and employees can achieve a win-win situation and achieve sustainable development! "
TOPSFLO always emphasizes the concept of "product is character". Being a human is the prerequisite of everything. Only by knowing gratitude and knowing altruism can you become a better individual, produce more perfect products, and create a better enterprise.
Under such cultural influence, every member of TOPSFLO always has a heart of gratitude and altruism. In 2021, TOPSFLO will with unchanging beliefs and missions, climb a new starting point, pursue new heights, and realize a new future!