TOPSFLO Products' family of DC brushless centrifugal pumps, mini diaphragm pumps and micro gear pumps are engineered to fit a wide range of applications. Yet, we understand very well that each industry has its own specific requirements that demand its own specific solution – a solution that we are well-suited to developing and dedicated to fulfilling. We have the right combination of experience and products to meet the needs of every industry we serve.

Special Requirements Deserve Special Solutions

We often receive requests for custom modifications to help our customers meet their specific design criteria, such as special chemical resistance, high temperature, molding inlet and outlet, molding a mounting, drilling holes, sub-assembling wiring harnesses to pumps, or simply adding custom fittings or labels. No matter how you look at it, whether you design equipment for medical, water treatment, gas analysis, filtration, beverage dispensing, printing, or many other applications, TOPSFLO' solutions lead the industry in providing value for customers.


Solar & Alternate Energy
Home energy storage system;Solar water heater ;Hydrogen generators ;Portable power supplies


Food & Beverage
Coffee making machines ;Food preservation containers ;Drinks dispensing;Soda beverage fountains


Home Appliances
Hot water mattress;Drinks Dispenser;Home brew;Water heater


Automotive & Mobile
Packing heater ;EV Charging ;Automotive antifreeze circulation ;Electric car air conditioner


Medical Beauty;IVD Instruments ;Dental Sterilization Equipment;Genetic Testing Equipment


Printing & Packaging
Laser cutting machine cooling system;Graphic arts equipment ;Vacuum frames ;Ink jet printers


Laboratory & Testing
Desiccation ;Gas chromatographs ;Filtration ;Chemical warfare detectors


Commercial and Industrial
Thermal cooling systems ;Water Pump for Laser Engraver Cutter;Industrial washing machines ;Cooling Towers

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