The world's leading pioneer of liquid cooling——Koolance with Topsflo have cooperation for 13 years to achieve a win-win situation


This month, Koolance--the world's leading professional manufacturer of heat dissipation products, which has been cooperating with Topsflo for 13 years, sent request for a new project. This project is mainly to customize submerged and control function on the basis of the 12V computer water-cooling brushless DC silent pump project.
Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump
(Koolance factories in the US and South Korea)

As we all know, Koolance is a pioneer in global liquid cooling, and its cooling system solutions are also recognized leader in the industry. As early as 2001, Koolance designed the world's first water-cooled power supply, which has been widely praised and used in video media equipment. At the same time, Koolance also has outstanding achievements in the field of communication equipment and medical equipment cooling, its products have been hailed as industry benchmarks and leaders. Koolance has been committed to providing the most advanced and best quality products to the global market.

Topsflo, which has been cooperating with Koolance for 13 years, has been supporting Koolance in its global liquid cooling business with the most advanced technology, the best product quality and the most complete service. Based on the high-end market positioning, high-target pursuit and industry-leading vision of both parties, the two parties have been cooperating closely and continuously overcoming technical problems in the years of cooperation. From the first cooperation 13 years ago to the uninterrupted project cooperation in 13 years, Topsflo has given Koolance the greatest support in all aspects to defend the strong competitiveness of Koolance products in the industry.

Especially in terms of product silence and customization, Topsflo provides services that exceed expectations for Koolance. The noise of Topsflo’s silent pump is generally 3-5dB lower than the same industry with the same parameters. With its excellent noise batch consistency, Koolance has long been assured of worry-free. Out of full trust in the Topsflo pump industry, they canceled the additional control for noise and require walked with green industry in the 《Product Performance Requirements》.

In terms of product customization, Koolance's R&D strength has always been in the leading position in the liquid cooling industry. The strong R&D strength has also prompted Topsflo to continue to provide professional customized services for it. About customized services, Topsflo as the global brushless DC centrifugal pump company with the longest cooperation with Koolance, has also been unanimously recognized for its strength.

In 2020, part of the functional offices of Topsflo have moved into a new office building. Koolance project leader wrote a congratulatory letter in person after learning the relocation information. In the letter, Koolance emotionally reviewed the close cooperation with Topsflo in the past 12 years, thanking Topsflo for its professional services, sincerely wish Topsflo development on the road of insisting on high-quality micro-pumps getting better and better, and look forward to more project cooperation and breakthroughs between the two parties in the future.

Share with you the letter from t Koolance project leader: 
Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

Thanks Koolance for sincere blessings, and also thank accompanied by 13 years. Topsflo attaches great importance to the needs of every customer and cherishes every praise from customers. As the global leader in the micro pump industry, Topsflo will continue to use high-quality products and comprehensive services to provide excellent micro pump solutions to high-standard customers around the world.