With household battery being highly favored by market, TOPSFLO household battery water pump is becoming the right focus !


With household battery being highly favored by market,

TOPSFLO household battery water pump is becoming the right focus !

Nipping at Tesla, Mercedes-Benz also promotes household batteries!

It’s reported by foreign media DigitalTrends that Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that it will launch batteries targeting at household and small businesses enterprise by the end of this year, initially only in the German market. But the sales market could be expanded to other European countries or the United States in the future.

Media DigitalTrends pointed out that household batteries’ operating principle of Mercedes-Benz is similar to Tesla’s. Mounted on the wall, they will be charged with electricity during the off-peak time when with cheaper charge and be started during the peak time when with high charge. 2 or 3 batteries can be coupled together if higher capacity is needed. Households who are considering lower electricity cost can connect battery pack with solar batteries or wind generators. 

When household batteries are charged efficiently, the equipment continues to convert&save electricity energy and release heat. At this very moment, A WATER PUMP with high performance & high quality which can work continuously for long time, plays a pivotal role in water cooling system for the whole equipment. Complying with the market demand, TOPSFLO’s professional household batteries brushless DC pumps TL-B10, TL-C10 series, have been successfully matched and under mass production, also highly recognized by clients.

As professional household batteries supporting pumps, TOPSFLO TL-B10&TL-C01 series are equipped with the following distinct advantages:

1. 24 hours continuous work; highly wear-resistant graphite bearing; more than 20,000 hours lifetime.

2. Enduring liquid temperature up to 105 ; fully comply with liquid mixture of water and glycol.

3. Adopt plastic raw materials imported from Japan and have the features below: stable in performance, powerful in intensity, enduring in high temperature, uneasy to be distorted, injection molding from high-precision molds, strong in anti-aging ability, suitable for both indoor and outdoor working environment in long term, the lowest environment can be -40,water-proof, rain-proof and submersible.

4. Pump microcontroller and chips adopt imported components, combined with high-performance three-phase motors, thus motors overall performance is very stable.

5. Ultra quiet, 510dB averagely lower than market normal pump which with the same parameters , bringing home users really quiet enjoyment.

6. Specialized speed control functions such as 0-5V or automatic frequency PWM can be customized according to household batteries supporting requirements.

7. Specialized functions on the speed signal feedback RPM / FG speed signal lines can be customized according to household batteries supporting request.

8. Pumps are equipped with a special wide-voltage design, ideal for application when voltage fluctuates in the presence of low or high unstable peak.

9. With over-load protection, blocking protection, polarity protection, our pumps can protect users well when abnormal conditions appear.

TOPSFLO pumps above obvious advantages very match the household batteries application requirements, it’s a highly comprehensive combination on this industry, which made the whole household batteries equipment more satisfying in users'  requirements and experiencing. This also stand for a high standard and high-quality new industry supporting, Topsflo break to be the pioneer and becomes the benchmark on this new industry field. It always consist with TOPSFLO’s steadfast pursuit: dedicate to the development of micro-pump industry, take quality as our first life, and achieve to being the micro-pump industry leader and solution expert.

TOPSFLO TL-B10 www.topsflo.com/brushless-dc-pump/brushless-dc-pump.html
TOPFLO TL-C01  http://www.topsflo.com/dc-brushless-pump/tl-c01-centrifugal-dc-mini-pump.html

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