TOPSFLO lower noise air pressure pump pioneers new Smart Medical Air Mattress field !


    On March 9th, the CEO of a well-known overseas air mattress company visited TOPSFLO the second time, with the aim to further discuss the final product customized program, and confirm the first 1000pcs trial order will be formally put into production & sales soon, this visit marks TOPSFLOTM40-B air pressure pump has pioneered new Smart Medical Air Mattress field.

    TOPSFLO air pressure pump as the key component to offer adjustable smart pressure, its on/off working frequency & time are controlled by the the microprocessor, the pressure sensor technology provides smart pressure auto-checking feature to maximize sleepers’ comfort. It is said that in order to achieve such a nursing care environment, their team together with medical professionals have been working for over 9years on the technological development of a new kind of mattress which has built-in pressure sensors with a constant feedback system by automatically adjusting the mattress tension to fit to the body shape and posture of a sleeper, which makes people feel as if “ a sleeping care nurse has come home”.

    TOPSFLO as one of the important parts manufacturers for the smart air mattress , who always put their first place to create a healthy life, to improve the quality of life, to provide a comfortable & nursing care sleep environment. Therefore, they have invested a lot of energy in product researching & developing and have control product quality & performance strictly. TM40-B air pump using FDA, NSF standard Japanese Xyron PPE materials, imported reliable dual ball bearing, unique design, so TM40-B pump can work much silent than normal markets' pumps. Customers’ real testing feedback proves that its noise already reached the same level as a famous German brand standards.

    Many people knew TOPSFLO best is from its fluid pumps with remarkable achievements like TL series brushless centrifugal food grade pumps, TL-C01 electric heater pump, TS5, TD5 solar pump, brewing pump, TF30 ink printer pumps, and normal water circulating pumps etc. Nevertheless, it has many years research & rich experience in developing & offering gas pumps to match many OEM applications such as medical nebulizer, aspirator, aroma scenting marketing, kitchen vacuum food sealer, gas analyzer, breath respirator/ventilator etc; TOPSFLO will make continuous efforts in improving pumps quality and offering the most reliable products, good performance-and-price ratio products , let’s witness its new break through in the gas pump field together !