Solar DC Circulation Pump TS5

  • Max Flow Rate: 8.4L,10L,12.6L
  • Max Static Lift: 1.6M,2.4M,3.2M
  • Power Consumption: 5W 10W 15W
  • Impeller Type: Open impeller
  • Liquid Temperature: 0-110°C
  • Food Grade(Y/N): Y

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  • solar water circulating pump
■ Overview
solar dc circulation pump TS5


● DC brushless motor with energy efficiency technology by micro processor
● Soft start at very low in-rush current, good convenient working directly with PV panel
● Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft
● Advanced magnetic drive technology for static-impeller, without any leakage for ever
● Long life brushless pump, ideal life for 20000 hours
● Heavy duty work, can sustain continual 24 hours’ work
 Over-voltage protection  Over-Current Protection
 Blocked-Protection   Polarity Protection   Dry-running Protection
● Low or no maintenance ● Low power consumption

Areas of Use
● Portable power supplies  ● Solar water heater  ● Hot pump air conditioner
● Air energy water heater   ● Hot Water Circulation  ● Radiant Floor Heating
● Solar Applications  ● Liquid Transfer ● Beer Brewing ● General Purpose Pumping
■ Specifications
Max Flow Rate 8.4L,10L,12.6L
Max Static Lift 1.6M,2.4M,3.2M
Power Consumption 5W 10W 15W
Impeller Type Open impeller
Liquid Temperature 0-110°C
Food Grade(Y/N) Y
Pump Theory Centrifugal pump
Motor Type brushless DC motor
Ambient Temperature -40-70°C
Media Pure Water
Use Place Indoor
Rated Voltage 12V
Working Voltage Range 8~24V
Ideal Life Time 20000 Hours
Working Mode Continuous
Inlet/Outlet NPT/BSP 1/2
Power Supply DC power supply, battery, solar powered
Remarks Can’t dry-running, not Self-priming
■ Parameter
Model Product Code Max Flow Rate 
Rated Voltage (VDC) Current
Max Water Head 
  TS5-A12-5PV 8.4±15% 12 <0.41 1.6±0.5 <5
TS5 TS5-A12-10PV 10±15% 12 <0.83 2.4±0.5 <10
  TS5-A12-15PV 12.6±15% 12 <1.25 3.2±0.5 <15
  Pump can be powered by solar panel directly
■ Curve & Dimension
solar dc circulation water pump TS5
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