Application of Micro Brushless DC Water Pump in Motorcycle Water Cooling System


If the invention of the steam-powered bicycle by Sylvester Ropa is the starting point for the development of motorcycles, then today, the evolution history of motorcycles has been 150 years. During the course of a century and a half, the motorcycle industry has development is highly mature. With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, the popular high-quality motorcycles in the market are mainly water-cooled EFI vehicles.

Application of Water Cooling Technology in EFI Vehicles
The motorcycle engine will generate a high amount of heat during the working process. If it is not cooled, the engine will lose its working ability due to excessive temperature.
The cooling system can keep the engine in a suitable working temperature range under various working conditions, make the engine run stably and reliably, and obtain good power and economy, becoming an important part of the engine.
According to the different cooling medium, the commonly used engine cooling methods are divided into two types: air cooling and water cooling. The traditional air-cooling technology has been difficult to meet the needs of high-quality motorcycles, but the water-cooling technology can dissipate heat for the engine through the internal heat dissipation structure; and it can also use the built-in waterway to solve a series of problems such as isolation layer absorption, noise isolation, to achieve uniform cooling of motorcycle engine, small running noise, cooling effect is better. So,it can effectively improve the reliability of the motorcycle, and reduce fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, greatly improve the driving comfort.
Up to now, the water cooling system has become an essential cooling system for multi-cylinder high-power, high-speed engines.

water cooling system structure
The common water cooling system structure consists of radiator, fan, mini water pump, temperature sensor and so on. (Photo explanation)
Application of Micro Water Pump in Motorcycle Water Cooling System
The working principle of the motorcycle water-cooling system is to use the function of the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature, and it designed (a large cycle and a small cycle) two coolant circulation channels. After the system is started, the coolant circulates in the whole system through the supercharging effect of the micro water pump, flows through the cylinder block and the cylinder head water jacket at a certain speed, and takes away the excess heat of the cylinder block and cylinder head.

The micro water pump plays an irreplaceable key role in the cooling cycle system. Once a fault occurs or the cycle power provided is insufficient, the entire water cooling system will be affected, resulting in the engine overheating and the vehicle unable to drive normally. For water cooling system manufacturers, it is very important to choose a high quality micro water pump.

TOPSFLO High-quality motorcycle water-cooled circulating pump
TOPSFLO has been focusing on high-quality motorcycle water-cooled circulating pumps for more than ten years. It has provided high-quality water pumps and professional technical solutions for many internationally renowned high-end motorcycle brands. Topsflo has rich experience in major customer service and provides strong support to motorcycle manufacturers. Our products have the following obvious advantages:
1.Wide temperature resistance range - long-term high temperature resistance of 125 ℃, low temperature resistance of -45 ℃, can work in extreme outdoor environments for a long time and safe driving;
2.High protection grade -- IP68 grade, which can meet the needs of motorcycle, especially off-road motorcycle, wading in water in extreme environment;  
3.Strong anti-vibration ability, which can meet the requirements of motorcycle driving on rough roads, and will not damage the water pump due to strong vibration, thus affecting the normal operation of the motorcycle;
4.Long lifetime, meet the requirements of high-quality motorcycles for long engine life, and low maintenance costs in the later period;
5.High quality, stable and reliable work, to ensure long-term stable operation of the engine, strong power of the motorcycle, and low fuel consumption.
cooling system water pump topsflo
As an enterprise specializing in R&D, design and production of miniature brushless DC cooling pumps, TOPSFLO has been recognized and recommended by many well-known customers at home and abroad for its product quality. Over the years, our company has been committed to providing customers with stable and reliable high-quality water pump products in the field of motorcycle water cooling systems, helping customers achieve higher quality and better reputation. In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to focus on product quality and innovation, provide better customer service and make contribution to the field of high-quality motorcycle water cooling system.