Brushless DC Pump TL-B10 SERIES



◇Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without any leakage forever
◇High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime
◇Wide voltage range suitable for battery power supply
◇30% higher efficiency, 5-10dB lower noise, especially batch quality stability 
◇3 phase motor, stable performance and low temperature rise 
◇Max temperature 105℃
◇All wetted materials FDA certified (food safe)
◇Heavy duty work,can sustain 24 hours continuous running
◇Special designed high efficiency closed-impeller
◇Low or no maintenance
◇Blocked protection
◇Over-voltage protection, over-current protection
◇IP protection level: IP65 , submersible IP68 can be customized
brushless dc pump TL-B10
Typical Applications
● Water dispenser, Water Coolers
● Carbonation, Coffee Maker, Beverage Dispenser
● Air-conditioner Drain
● Chillers, Cooling Circulation, Beer Brewing Chillers
● Home Appliance Boosting
● Solar Applications

brushless dc pump TL-B10

Product Specification
Model Product Code Max Flow Rate (L/M) Rated Voltage (DC) Current (A) Max Water Head (M)  Power (W)
  TL-B10-A12-0703 7 12VDC 0.6 3 7
  TL-B10-A12-0905 9 12VDC 1.4 5 16.8
TL-B10-A   TL-B10-B12-0703 7 12VDC 0.6 3 7
barb nozzles TL-B10-B12-0905 9 12VDC 1.4 5 16.8
φ17mm/φ9.8mm TL-B10-A24-0703 7 24VDC 0.35 3 10
  TL-B10-A24-0905 9 24VDC 0.55 5 15
TL-B10-B  TL-B10-B24-0703 7 24VDC 0.35 3 10
thread nozzles TL-B10-B24-0905 9 24VDC 0.55 5 15

Note:  1.pump itself meet: /F,food grade  2. /H type 70℃<liquid≤100℃, not H normal type liquid ≤70℃   3. /S type can be customized, if submersible liquid should be ≤50℃   4. /PV type can be powered by solar panel directly.

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