10 Years 0 PPM, World-renowned Truck Air-conditioning Cooling Customer witnesses TOPSFLO's Excellent Quality Strength


What does 10 years mean for an enterprise?
In United States, only 8% of companies can survive for more than 10 years, and in China, only 2%. Ten years is enough to witness the development of many companies.
In brushless DC pump industry will be same, many companies have failed to walk through the first decade. However, TOPSFLO has spent ten years working with the well-known Italian truck air-conditioning cooling circulation system company to create the miracle of 0 PPM quality.
In the past 10 years, TOPSFLO has supplied millions of DC mini water pumps to the well-known European and American group company, using for truck air-conditioning cooling circulation.
In the past 10 years, facing the continuous upgrading of customer's truck air-conditioning systems, TOPSFLO has continuously optimized its solutions and products in strict accordance with customer standards. After several times of solution improvements, TOPSFLO has achieved the promise of "zero defect" in quality.
Looking back over the past 10 years, for TOPSFLO, it is not only honor and recognition, but also precious experience and growth.

In 2008, TOPSFLO received an inquiry from the head office first time, requiring a mini 12v 24v DC water pump for cooling circulation of truck air-conditioning. Because of its special environment, the pump must meet the following specific conditions:
1.Trucks are long-term outdoor transportation, and the operating environment is more complicated. The water pump needs to have strong anti-seismic ability and dustproof ability. It must be ensured that the dust and water resistance of the pump reach IP68;
2. The truck air-conditioning cooling cycle adopts by battery-powered system, and the power of the water pump needs to be limited to 5~20W;
3. Trucks generally have habitual long-term operations, which have higher requirements on the temperature rise and continuous working ability of the water pumps. Long-term stability and reliability should be realized under the coordination of specific low-temperature rise design and excellent structural parts.
The truck customer is a well-known group company in Europe and the United States with an excellent reputation in the industry. Its air-conditioning system is widely used in the world's top brands. It is necessary to ensure that the batch consistency of water pumps is within 10 PPM.
Faced with the above-mentioned high requirements, many water pumps companies around the world were daunting. Under the circumstances at that time, truck air-conditioners generally used fan circulation systems, and water circulation was a new application. After carefully analyzing the truck air-conditioning cooling circulation system and combining its own batch consistency data, TOPSFLO provided the customer with a 12V TL-B10 centrifugal pump for testing.
After the first test, the customer was very satisfied with the performance and parameters, but hoped that the electronic solution could be optimized to pass a higher level of EMC certification audit for automotive anti-interference. After that, TOPSFLO customized additional electronic solutions for the customer. After more than one years testing, TOPSFLO 's brushless DC pump TL-B10 successfully passed all the tests. Especially in the following aspects, TOPSFLO was unanimously recognized by the customer :

1.TOPSFLO brushless DC pump, matched with the specific bracket designed for the customer's truck air-conditioning system, realized anti-shake and anti-vibration under harsh conditions, and had a dustproof and waterproof rating of IP68, which meet the needs exactly;
2.Matched with the fuel power supply mode of the truck, the power was only 16.8W, meet the demand of energy saving and high efficiency, while retained the parameters required by customers
3. Optimized the design of electronic solution, adopted imported PCBA board and imported electronic components, realized lower temperature rise under the condition of continuous working for 8 hours, and the overall temperature rise was <50K.
4.The head office had carried out the following experimental tests for TOPSFLO and other brands water pumps:
① -25°C low temperature test (high-grade antifreeze must be used to ensure that it did not freeze)
② short time 105°C high temperature test;
③ Pressure test (long-term running withstand pressure ≤5bar)
④Durability test (24 hours uninterrupted circulation of hot water at 65°C)

Several other pumps from other suppliers were conducted with this test at this same time. After a series of rigorous tests, only the TOPSFLO pump passed the test. The customer confirmed the excellent quality of the TOPSFLO pump through the data results.

After five years of cooperation, TOPSFLO pumps have been highly praised by the customer for reliable performance and high-quality batch consistency. Later, the customer also recommended TOPSFLO to its branch company. In the following five years, TOPSFLO provided them with millions of water pumps, and none of the pumps had quality problems.

In the 10 consecutive years of cooperation with the customer, TOPSFLO pumps have achieved quality honor of 0 PPM. The customer has given high evaluation and praise in the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" and "PPM Supplier Evaluation" every year.
12v 24v Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump
Ten years ago, 10 PPM was a dream to dc water pump manufacture, even to TOPSFLO it was unattainable. In these ten years, every TOPSFLO staff has made solid and meticulous progress towards this goal. The quality awareness training every quarter and the optimization and upgrading of the quality system every year have enabled TOPSFLO people to deepen their quality awareness. Long-termism is the iron law that TOPSFLO has always abided by. It has been focusing on the Mini brushless DC pump industry for a long time and providing customers with stable and reliable products for a long time. This has never changed. In the next ten years, TOPSFLO will still stick to the field of micro pumps, continue to work towards this quality goal, and create excellent value for customers.