Highest Cost-effective DC Air Pump for Air Purifier


Nowadays, more and more people are using air purifying systems on a daily basis, since hundreds to millions of different indoor contaminates exist in our environment such as pet dander, dust mites, allergens, carbon dioxides and pollen.

By deep cooperation with  Air Purifier manufacturers, TOPSFLO has successfully upgraded one of our DC air pump to meet all specs requirements. That is our TM40-B.

Thanks to high cost-effective DC brush motor and upgraded inner structure, TM40-B can perfectly meet its duty cycle & super low noise request, but also can achieve cost optimization. Thereby, TM40-B brush air pump can maximize efficiency and be the best choice of Air Purifier.

Aiming at Air Purifier industry, TM40-B has main advantages as follows:

·       High cost-effective DC brush motor, Efficient purifying capacity

·          Max pressure up to 250KPa, Max flow rate up to 11L/min

·          Dual bearing design as KNF & Parker pumps, Super silent noise <52dB

·          Low power & Low current, Energy-efficient

·          Japanese XYRON PPE, Certificated by WARS, reliable quality

TM40-B made a new breakthrough in Air Purifier industry, and even Cleaning and health industry, which successfully helps our clients to occupy a larger market share.