TOPSFLO Compact, high efficiency DC Pumps Popular among Automotive Clients


As a leading manufacturer of micro DC brushless centrifugal pump in China, TOPSFLO invests a lot in research and development of new products for automotive industry, included adopting top professional structure engineers, electric engineers, motor engineer, process Engineers, now we have been cooperating with leading companies in automotive industry especially, including OEM projects for EV, engine system, preheating, HVAC circulation system, and also battery cooling system and so on.


At the end of June, one of our clients from Europe come to TOPSFLO for technical details discussion and factory visiting, on car engine preheating products.

It’s known that cold-start for cars is harmful, shorten lifetime and makes divers & passengers uncomfortable, especially in cold winters.
With en engine preheater, you can control car engine & cabin&window temperature by an APP easily. When you need to use a car, just set on APP in advance, then you will get warm car. It will make your car live longer and also give you good experience, also will be more environmental friendly.

Based on automotive requirements, our dc pump TA50&TA60 series meet clients requirement well in the following way:
High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime 20,000 hours;
Heavy duty work,can sustain 24 hours continuous running;
Durable permanent magnetic rotor & high density ceramic shaft;
Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without leakage forever;
Replacing position sensor by micro processor position calculation, -40~125°C wide operating temperature is realized, suitable for extreme outdoor environment;
Optimized 3 phase motor high efficiency design, combined with low-resistance copper wire, achieving large flow and low temperature rise;
Anti-vibration pump rubber bracket designed for automotive vibration working condition;
Highly adaptable circuit designed specially for unstable automotive voltage and peak voltage;
Automotive water-proof connector;
Applied liquid: pure water, antifreeze solution;
Automatic polarity protection, overload protection, block protection;
Low or no maintenance;
Compact size;

TOPSFLO will continue to perfect our products and expand our ranges. We welcome more clients from Automotive industry to our company for technical discussion and seek more chances to produce INNOVATIVE pumps.