Topsflo High-End Pump for High Quality Coffee Machine


 “Committed to creating the best brewing machine on the market and worked closely with key roasters across the country to implement the valuable feedback, including automation and design changes that further refine the brewing process, to make this brewing technology even more accessible. Looking forwarder to make a splash in the specialty coffee and tea industry in Europe, particularity in the thriving UK market.”Said a leading producer of advanced coffee and tea brewing machines customer based in the U.S. 

Recently Topsflo’s cooperated coffee and tea brewing machine customer’s new designed machine brings the batch brewing to the front counter with an equal focus on quality and aesthetic, together with simple work flow and precise parameter control for every gallon served. This new product select Topsflo TD5 DC brushless hot water circulation pump, from the raw material selection, internal structure design and the pump appearance are perfect combined customer’s this high-end commercial coffee machine design positioning.

──High temperature endured food grade raw materials
TD5 pump is designed for hot water circulation of food industry, stainless steel pump head design, together with at least endure 120 degrees Celsius high temperature plastic parts, the pump internal wetted parts are all using FDA food grade certified raw materials, perfectly suit for coffee machine, tea machine application.

 ──Long life, multiple control and protection functions
Topsflo adopted world-class brands such as ATMEL chip, Honeywell induction, MELEXIS, ST, Sumsung, TDK, infineon, nxp,  IR, ON, Rubycon and so on, same suppliers with international brand Huawei, ZTE, etc. The pump also add many protecting function such as over-temperature protection, block protection, over-current protection, polarity protection and so on, preventing and reducing the accidental damage during the operation process. Its high performance wear-resistant precision steel shaft and bushing, its self-designed integrative of injection molding shaft sleeve and rotor highly, avoid the abrasion of the inner part and improve the whole pump hardware using time.

 ──High performance while low noise
Of 25L/min high pressure high pressure,while the batch order noise value stably below 50dB, much lower than the currently used AC brewing pump, providing the elegant brewing environment an silent good impression.

 ──Simple structure, lightweight, easy to install
This pump has compact size, simple internal structure design. Even using all stainless steel pump head and high-quality motor, the weight of the whole pump is still as low as 0.86KG, equivalent to one third of an AC brewing pump.  high toughness of the damping rubber bracket makes the installation works very simple and convenient. The whole brewing equipment therefore of more refined beauty.

 ──Quality guaranteed, worry-free after-sales
Strict controlling the product quality during each procedure, 100% finished testing before shipping, to minimize the unqualified rate to the lowest. Professional installation and operation guidance, makes the customer application work easy.

Good pump applied to good equipment, and customer recognition is Topsflo teams’s long-term pursuing. Every pump provided by Topsflo factory are carefully built, only to provide customers with the most convenient and comfortable using experience.