Analysis on the Evolution of Electric Water Heater Booster Pump Advantages of brushless DC booster pump


Electric water heater and its working principle
Electric water heaters are the most effective and sustainable hot water heating method.
When the shower is turned on, cold water enters the water heater, and when it passes through the water heater, it is heated by the heating system instantly. It does not need to use any stored hot water. It can meet the hot water demand for 24 hours a day without wasting energy.

What are the factors that affect the effect of shower nozzles
Factors such as power supply voltage, cold water inlet temperature, cold water inlet pressure and other factors will affect water flow. For example, during peak electricity consumption periods, the voltage input is unstable, and someone turns on the cold water tap in other parts of the house, causing the cold water pressure in the shower to drop. At the same time, the decrease in water flow will also lead to an increase in water temperature.

The fluctuating water flow and the fluctuating temperature are a headache for many electric water heater customers. The booster water pump solves this industry problem very well, especially after using the brushless DC booster water pump, the electric water heater has achieved a breakthrough in the industry

Installation location of booster pump for electric water heater
The booster water pump is fixed inside the electric water heater through a mounting bracket and installed in the water inlet pipe to deliver cold water to heating components.

The role of electric water heater booster pump
Electric water heaters with built-in water pumps are ideal for low water pressure areas, especially those that supply cold water from the upper tank by gravity. The built-in water pump can increase the water flow of the water supply and shower.

The evolution of electric water heater booster pump
The evolution process of the booster pump of the electric water heater is the switch from the traditional AC booster pump originally used to the brushless DC booster pump. The traditional AC pump solves the problem of water pressure, but cannot solve the problems of power supply voltage and constant temperature, and its large volume and large noise affect the product design and consumers' shower enjoyment. The use of brushless DC water pumps was born at the right time.

Advantages of brushless DC booster pump

1. Brushless motor, compared with AC motor, the efficiency is increased by 30%
2. Built-in smart chip, which can adjust the flow rate and signal feedback, and adjust according to the requirements of the shower water temperature
3. The 12V/24V DC voltage matches the built-in power supply of the water heater, which can achieve voltage stabilization and steady flow without being affected by the peak period of electricity consumption
4. Under the same parameters, compared with AC pumps, it has lower noise and better shower enjoyment
5. Smaller size, 20,000 hours long life, improve water heater design space and quality reliability

How to choose a high-quality brushless DC booster pump for electric water heaters, look forward to the next issue.