How to Choose a High-quality Pump for Medical Beauty Equipment?


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the economy of beauty has developed rapidly and prevailed. In the face of consumers' increasing demand for beauty, domestic medical beauty technology and medical beauty equipment products are becoming more and more abundant. However, in terms of medical beauty equipment, the difference in market positioning makes the quality of equipment uneven, which not only infringes on the rights and interests of consumers, but also restricts the healthy development of China's medical beauty industry to a large extent.

Micro dc water pump is the source of power in medical beauty equipment, and its quality directly affects the brand reputation of medical beauty equipment. When medical equipment manufacturers choose independent water pumps, they need to make sample performance compare testing, actual machine testing, high-precision installation of pumps and other superb technologies, and finally select a suitable mini brushless circulating water pump. As a domestic emerging industry, how should the beauty equipment manufacturers select a high-quality miniature water pump for the medical beauty equipment?

As a supplier of water pump for international high-end medical beauty equipment brands, Topsflo insists on depositing the ultimate experience of "consumer-centered" in the modern medical beauty industry in the design of water pump systems, and has won a good reputation in the industry. Topsflo’s professional R&D engineers will summarize some suggestions for you to choose high-quality medical beauty equipment pumps:

1. Choose a micro water pump with low noise and good batch consistency
The sound level of medical equipment during operation directly affects consumers’ experience. A low-noise brushless DC water pump can help medical equipment operate silently and create a comfortable experience environment for consumers.

2. Choose a water pump that can run for a long time and is maintenance-free
Inferior water pumps have poor reliability and are prone to cracking of the pump cavity and deforming of the pump head during long-term operation, which directly leads to excessive maintenance costs for medical equipment. Topsflo medical beauty equipment pumps can work continuously for 24 hours for a long time, and the service life exceeds the industry standard of 20,000 hours. Besides, the electronic scheme is fully designed and the temperature rise is low. There are also 6 times 100% full inspection procedures, the pumps are with high reliability, , and lifetime maintenance-free for each pump.

3. Choose a water pump with complete certification for product and material
The medical beauty equipment belongs to the medical industry, which is used in a special environment. In order to ensure the safety of consumers and avoid medical accidents, medical beauty equipment manufacturers should strictly control the selection of parts and components. Topsflo medical beauty equipment pumps adopt the raw materials imported from major international factories. The products have passed CE, RoHS, Reach, and the raw materials have passed international safety certifications such as WRAS and NSF. The quality is guaranteed and the product's international market access can be expanded.

Focusing on the above points, choosing a high-quality micro-brushless DC pump in the domestic market where micro-pump products are mixed, will greatly help the brand and market share of medical beauty equipment manufacturers. As one of the first companies to enter the micro water pump industry, TOPSFLO Pumps has always adhered to its original intention, only making , high-quality pumps, and providing customers with high-quality pump solutions. In the future, in the process of cooperating with medical aesthetics equipment manufacturers, TOPSFLO Pumps will continue to optimize and launch miniature brushless DC pumps and customized solutions that are more in line with market needs, so as to build a sustainable medical aesthetics ecosystem.