Topsflo cooperates with Mitutoyo, the world's most advanced precision measuring instrument manufacturer, to promote the laboratory to upgrade again.


Recently, Lambert Chan, Sales Director of South China's Mitutoyo Corporation, made a special trip from Hong Kong headquarters to Changsha. He also discussed about equipment procurement with General Manager Richard Wang and Purchasing Manager of Topsflo, and reached a purchase agreement with value of RMB 2 million. 
Mitutoyo is one of the world's largest manufacturers of precision measuring instruments, with the world-recognized NO.1 high-precision measurement technology . Since its establishment in 1934, it has provided measuring instruments such as micrometers and calipers, as well as system precision measuring instruments such as coordinate measuring machines, shape measuring systems, video measuring systems and optical instruments. There are 47 subsidiaries in the world: 9 in Japan, 11 in the Americas, 15 in Europe, and 12 in Asia. They are accounting for more than one-third of the global sales of precision measuring instruments.
Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

It is reported that Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Instrument has been used for military manufacturing due to its high precision. It is a strictly controlled export equipment. All high-precision equipment purchasers need to undergo strict qualification review before signing the purchase agreement. A few months ago, Topsflo submitted the information to Japan's Mitutoyo Corporation and passed the qualification review.
Topsflo ordered equipment such as coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and roundness measuring instrument from Mitutoyo. A high-precision CMM is priced at millions or even millions of RMB. It can repeatedly measure the important dimensions of the workpiece according to a preset program. The accuracy can be up to the nano level, and the SPC and CPK statistical analysis data can be automatically generated in real time. Through the data to see the changes in the mold parameters, make adjustments before the production of defective products, to prevent the production of defective products.

The Mitutoyo roundness measuring instrument can measure the roundness, concentricity, concentricity, axial runout, radial runout, etc., and integrates roundness evaluation methods of four international standards of LSC, MZC, MIC and MCC. Comprehensive analysis and re-evaluation of measurement data and measurement patterns by roundness analysis software. Of course, the measurement report can be edited as needed.
Topsflo brought in the Mitutoyo Roundness Measuring Instrument this time, which is mainly used for the internal precision inspection of the rotor and the mold opening acceptance test during the pump development stage. The supplier of Topsflo Rotor is Kyocera, Japan, and Topsflo improving the inspection standards and adopting Kyocera's same testing equipment for the rotor incoming inspection , This also marks that Topsflo's rotor accuracy test has reached world-class accuracy detection level.
Due to Mitutoyo Japan CMM is high precision machine, any small impact will cause errors, so the temperature and humidity requirements of the environment where the three coordinates are located are extremely high. The engineers of Mitutoyo conducted on-the-spot investigations on Topsflo Lab. After comprehensive evaluation, Topsflo dust-proof and anti-static laboratory fully met the standards and finally determined the purchase application. After six months of customs clearance and transportation, the first batch of equipment purchased will arrive at the Topsflo Changsha headquarters from Japan. Topsflo will also become the first manufacturer in the domestic micro-pump industry to use high-precision roundness mearsuring Instrument and CMM.

Mini Brushless DC Centrifugal Pump

The Topsflo Changsha Laboratory expanded and upgraded once again, and chosen to cooperate with Japan's Mitutoyo Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. to use the highest precision instruments to strictly control the quality of the pump and to return the customers with a perfect pump.
How to improve the consistency of micro-pump products, improve the pump efficiency, reduce noise, and bring real high-quality micro-pump to customers has always been the problem that Topsflo is committed to solve. Topsflo continues to increase investment in capital, equipment and technical talented person in research and production phase. Relying on high efficient high accurate precision measuring equipment and professional engineers, Topsflo's research and development strength will be greatly improved, and the quality of the pump is expected to move to a higher level.
The two parties not only reached a cooperation agreement on the first batch of 2 million equipment orders, Topsflo general manager also invited Mitutoyo South China Regional Director Lambert Chan to visit Topsflo Lab, and let Lambert Chan put forward more suggestions on the equipment selection. During the visiting time, general Manager Richard Wang has reached a further cooperation agreement with Lambert Chan in the laboratory to introduce more testing equipment from Mitutoyo Japan. Lambert Chan also definitely stated that they will give more support in the delivery of the equipment. Later, more equipment installation engineers will be arranged to come to Topsflo to provide technical assistance for Topsflo first-line testing and R&D personnel.

As the world's leading brand of micro-pumps, Topsflo will continue to improve the quality of micro-pump products and help people's lives better. In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with the world's advanced suppliers, establish a good cooperative relationship with Japan's Mitutoyo. Using the world's most advanced equipment,together with its ingenuity,Topsflo aim to create the best micro pump and to build a century-old enterprise.