High Quality Facilitates cooperation between TOPSFLO and leading Ice Drink company in China


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In the hot summer of June, TOPSFLO greeted the first contact of the leading Chinese ice drink company J.

Facing the high consumption of ice drink machine in summer days, the company J is suffering from unstable quality and unsatisfactory service provided by the pump supplier. The pump is like a human heart to a equipment, playing a vital role in the operation of the entire equipment. In the event of a problem, the entire equipment will not work, result in high after-sales costs to repair or even replace. At this time, if the supplier's service ability is not timely, the quality problem is not taken seriously, and the technical ability can’t follow the customer's requirements, which will bring much blocks to the customer's project, consequently costly.
Miss A of the ice-drinking company is facing such a situation, no matter how difficult it is to find a pump supplier that really pays attention to quality; even if it takes more time to do the pump market in-depth investigation; even if it takes a few months to introduce a new pump and conduct continuous reliability testing, she is determined to solve the current predicament. Through multi-channel investigation and evaluation, Miss A choose a number of pump suppliers, including TOPSFLO DC brushless pumps. Through the initial negotiation, TOPSFLO fully understands that company J is affected by the quality and the current service capability of the supplier: batch instability, leakage, and frequent noise, feedback and improvement can not be obtained from current pump supplier. Therefore, it is strongly necessary to find a water pump supplier with stable quality and reliability, and to match their positioning: high-end market leader in the ice drink industry.
Coincidentally, TOPSFLO has a standard product that meets the requirements: the shape of the pagoda ensures tight connection without any leakage. So two samples were arranged immediately for the pre-test on the same day. Miss A and her company's technical and quality team got impressed after receiving TOPSFLO Mini DC Pump TL-B10, at least from the appearance is superior. Coupled with the previous survey data, the technical requirements of the docking capabilities and quick reaction, so Miss A and her leaders have a better impression of TOPSFLO pump industry than others. Through the previous two weeks of testing, Miss A feedbacked:“TOPSFLO pump is the best quality of all choices, the quietest operation, the service speed is fast, and our leaders prefer your pumps. Although the price is higher than others, but we pay much More attention to the stability of quality, closely related to our brand and reputation. In the next continuous test, if your pump operation continues to be stable, we should give the order to you. In addition, I need a bracket to fix the installation."
Irina from TOPSFLO heard the feedback with much excitement, because this is a good customer who values quality. So she immediately started to let the engineering department issue a bracket drawing for the pump model, and confirmed the molding time to match the customer's urgent needs. After the reliability test in the following month, as expected the customer choose TOPSFLO pumps for the first trial batch of 1,000pcs pumps.
Miss A said "The price of TOPSFLO TL-B10 pump is indeed expensiver than before we used, but as long as the quality of the product is reliable, we will be assured. " Since then, TOPSFLO Pump TL-B10 brushless DC water pump has played its mission as always in the ice drink machine, and also let Miss A and her team relived finally. So far, no failure has been found, technical support is timely, and users are satisfied.
In the further market expansion of the ice drink company, due to reliable quality, its products have been promoted and displayed on the large screen of NASDAQ show in American Times Square, which makes TOPSFLO team also proud. TOPSFLO is sincerely happy for Miss A and her team. Looking back mutual cooperation process, the two sides were impressed from the first contact. TOPSFLO still remembered during the first call that we said "TOPSFLO only manufactures high-end pumps”.  Miss A commented that "price is not a problem, as long as the quality is good, the orders will be yours..."  Surely enough, TOPSFLO has harvested the orders by taking quality as the first thing, it’s also the obligation of TOPSFLO to continue work hard to be the best suppliers in long term .
Quality is the first life of TOPSFLO, We have been meeting a variety of requirements from different customers, but confronted with quality, TOPSFLO never compromises, we will not lower the quality requirements to win a client or an order, will not reduce the procurement standards of raw materials, will not reduce the accuracy of the equipment, will not reduce the strict control in the process. TOPSFLO never takes the low price as our competitiveness. It is our pursuit to adhere to long-term quality and customer satisfaction, which is also an important reason why we win more and more customers.