Applications of TOPSFLO Diaphragm Pumps from the Household Oxygen Generator Market


As the epidemic continues to escalate, medical supplies such as ventilators and oxygen generators are in short supply all over the world. As the technology of oxygen generators in China is gradually maturing, domestic manufacturers and their products have taken the opportunity to further expand overseas market channels, and the export of oxygen generators in China has witnessed explosive growth.

According to statistics, the export volume of oxygen machine in 2021 reached 1,414,100 units, with a year-on-year growth of 287.32%. Chinese companies have received orders for more than 70,000 oxygen machines from India alone.

Oxygen generator is divided into medical and household. Patients with severe COVID-19 must use medical oxygen generators. General COPD, pulmonary interstitial disease, pulmonary heart disease, sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome and other lung diseases, as well as heart failure patients, blood oxygen saturation is less than 94%, oxygen therapy is recommended, need to spare home oxygen machine. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the household oxygen machine began to enter the vision of ordinary people.

At present, the most common household oxygen generator on the market is molecular sieve oxygen generator, which is the use of PSA method (pressure swing adsorption) directly extract oxygen from the air.

The oxygen generator uses the adsorption of molecular sieve, and takes a large displacement oil-free compressor as the power to separate nitrogen from oxygen in the air, and finally obtains high-concentration oxygen. First inflating, adsorbing nitrogen in the air through an internal molecular sieve, and purifying the remaining oxygen to obtain high-purity oxygen. Then, reducing pressure to exhaust the absorbed nitrogen back into the environment, so the pressure is increased-reduced, and the cycle is continued. In short, the oxygen in the air is separated by molecular sieve, and then transported to human respiratory tract.

This type of oxygen generator produces oxygen quickly and has high oxygen concentration, so it is suitable for oxygen therapy and oxygen health care, for all kinds of people.

The product structure of household oxygen generator mainly includes: intake filter, intake silencer, air compressor, heat dissipation and cooling device, molecular sieve oxygen generation system (adsorption tower), diaphragm air pump, solenoid valve, control circuit and flow gauge.
Oxygen Generator Diaphragm Pump factory

As the power system of the oxygen generator, the quality of the mini air pump determines the continuous operation ability of the oxygen generator! TOPSFLO TM40 series Oxygen Generator Diaphragm Pump has high pressure, long service life and low noise, which is very suitable for oxygen generator or other medical equipment.
In the next few decades, oxygen generators will enter every family as consumer goods. Therefore, oxygen generators will also face a new development trend, from initial capital entry and accumulation to competition technology and product upgrading.

As one of the leading enterprises in China to enter the research field of micro air pumps, TOPSFLO has many years of application experience in medical equipment, testing equipment and other fields, and is committed to providing customers with competitive products and efficient solutions. We are willing to work with you to promote the healthy and positive development of the household medical equipment industry!