TOPSFLO teaches you how to choose a medical atomizer pressure gas pump


What is an atomizer?
Abusolizer is our common medical equipment, mainly used for the treatment of various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, trachea, bronchial, alveolar, thoracic disease, atomization inhalation treatment is respiratory disease treatment-a kind of important and effective treatment.

Medical atomizer has strict requirements on key parts and gas pump
In recent years, affected by air pollution, COVID-19 and other environmental impacts, the number of patients with respiratory diseases has continued to grow, driving the rapid growth of the demand for medical devices such as atomizers. With the requirements of localization and the improvement of the demand for cost and delivery time, medical manufacturers have begun to seek a safe and reliable, stable performance and can meet the high standards of the medical industry in China. Diaphragm gas pump is the core component of the atomizer, and the medical atomizer manufacturers have extremely strict requirements on the key parts and materials. Before this, most manufacturers tend to choose the well-known European brand gas pump, because the diaphragm pump originated from foreign countries, the main diaphragm pump production and manufacturers are also mostly in Europe. In contrast, the domestic production of diaphragm pump time is not long, the domestic high-end high-quality micro diaphragm pump manufacturers are only a few.
TOPSFLO pump industry, as one of the earliest enterprises to enter the field of micro pump production and manufacturing in China, has been deeply committed to diaphragm pump products and services, independent innovation design, and won the recognition and praise of well-known brands in the medical industry at home and abroad. Through years of in-depth communication and application matching experience with customers, TOPSFLO summarizes the key aspects that should be paid attention to when using atomizers to select pressure air pumps:
1. The pressure parameter is very important, which directly affect the atomization effect, and the large pressure pump can achieve better absorption and treatment effect.
2. Working noise: the noise of the compression atomizer with good performance is generally lower than 65 decibels, and it is recommended for the air pump no-load and load condition noise to be controlled at 60dB.
3. Vibration: along with noise vibration, generally, high noise, vibration is relatively large, it is recommended to use a pump with less vibration.
4. Life & continuous work: continuous work is also an important condition to judge the performance of an atomizer.The use frequency of household atomizer is not high, the life requirements are not so strict then can consider a brush motor or economical brushless motor; and medical atomizer in hospital generally need to use multiple patients in treatment places, it is recommended to choose high-grade long life brushless motor gas pump.
5. Finally, it is very important that the medical industry requires a complete gas pump certification, must meet the IEC 60601 standard testing, the factory through the quality system certification.

The perfect match of TOPSFLO diaphragm air pump and medical atomizer
Referring to the above precautions, it can be found that TOPSFLO diaphragm air pump TM40 high-grade series products can perfectly match the application needs of atomizer. Compared with the domestic ordinary products, TOPSFLO TM40 series has the following characteristics and advantages:
1. Large parameter: the maximum pressure is 2.5bar ~2.8bar, and the maximum flow rate is 11L / Min ~16L / Min.
2. Long life, low noise: according to different types of nebulizer, TOPSFLO can provide 1000 hours brushless motor air pump, 15000 hours high-grade slotless brushless motor air pump configuration options, using patent eccentric wheel design, the precision is higher than peer mold and component selection, the volume noise of air pump is 5-10dB lower than peer
3. Small vibration: TOPSFLO diaphragm pump adopts patented eccentric wheel and balance rod design, and adopts special optimization structure, good balance performance, small vibration; the domestic ordinary products generally use plastic balance rod, relatively large vibration.
4. High cost performance: the product structure design is similar to foreign KNF, Parker, Thomas big brands, the overall design is reasonable and compact, but compared with foreign products with the same life and parameters, the cost is lower.
5. Comply with medical EMC grade, complete certification and more secure: TOPSFLO brushless motor and brushless motor adopt self-designed medical EMC motor scheme, which can ensure that the atomizer can pass the IEC 60601 standard test, or customize the scheme according to customers' needs. The products meet the CE, ROHS and REACH standards, and better meet the needs of customers in the medical industry. However, the general brushed air pump in China does not meet the medical EMC standards and cannot provide customized services.
Medical Atomizer Gas Pump Manufacturer

At present, TOPSFLO diaphragm air pump, liquid pump products have been successfully used in medical equipment such as nose aspiration, medical rehabilitation massage, atomizer, cold and cold physiotherapy equipment, and won unanimous praise from customers. As the first domestic micro pump enterprise to pass the TUV Rhein ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 dual quality system certification, TOPSFLO Pump industry has been in strict accordance with high international quality standards since its establishment, and established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many international well-known brands. TOPSFLO will continue to improve, strive for technological innovation and breakthrough, solve the actual needs of the medical equipment industry and even all walks of life, and serve the global high-end customers with higher quality products!