TOPSFLO pump helps ECMO heat exchange tank successfully localized


Introduction: ECMO is the last hope of severe patients during the epoch of coronavirus ravages. However, China does not have an ECMO independently developed. In 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology established the "ECMO System Development" project. Jiangsu S Corporation undertakes the research and development of the heat exchange tank of ECMO. In order to achieve the full nationalization of ECMO, a high-performance medical circulation pump is required. After testing, Topsflo Medical circulation Pump TL-C01-B24-2211 successfully matched ECMO heat exchange tank. In November 2021, China's first domestic portable ECMO system officially launched clinical trials.
ECMO needs to be localized
ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation), known as "artificial lung", is a medical emergency equipment that temporarily replaces patients' cardio-lung function, reduces the patient's cardio-lung burden, and can also fight for medical personnel for more treatment time. ECMO can assist breathing and blood circulation, and is therefore also known as life support technology, is considered the “last line of defense” for patients with cardiopulmonary failure.

ECMO heat exchange tank pump

In the era of coronavirus ravages, ECMO is the last hope of severe patients, and is an important measure to get the patient back from the ghost door.
However, ECMO equipment and supplies are completely monopolized by foreign companies. We have industrialized the entire industrial chain of the United Nations industrial catalog, still need to import and buy ECMO. There are currently only five companies in the world that can produce it: two in the United States, two in Germany and one in Japan. The leading manufacturers are three, namely, Getinge Group in Sweden, Medtronic in Ireland and LivaNova in the UK.
At present, there are five domestic enterprises involved in artificial cardiopulmonary machines, but none of the capabilities to produce ECMO systems. In May 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology's national key research and development plan established a "ECMO system R&D" project. Core accessories brushless centrifugal pump also need to be localized , as a life support innovative medical device R&D and production of high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu S company opened the ECMO part of the system research and development work. The main components of ECMO include: in vitro membrane lung oxygen (ECMO), heat exchange tank, electronic aerobic mixer, magnetic coupled centrifugal pump, membrane oxygen, etc.
S company undertakes the research and development of heat exchange tanks. In vitro circulation, blood is plugged out of the body under the action of brushless centrifugal pump, through the in vitro pipeline to reach the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Then it is filled back into the human body through the return pipeline. In this process, blood flows outside the human body, because the external ambient temperature is generally much lower than the human body temperature, so the blood in vitro flow process, the temperature will decrease. This affects the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the temperature-appropriate water to the oxygen through the temperature control tank to ensure that the blood maintains the predetermined temperature. Water in the tank needs to be exchanged for heat under the action of brushless centrifugal pump. Therefore, the choice of this brushless centrifugal pump is particularly important. Most of the ECMO uses Japanese iwaki pumps. Since the ECMO needs to be localized, the brushless centrifugal pump as a core accessory naturally needs to be localized as well.
But can a domestic pump achieve the same performance?
S company purchased many different 24V micro brushless DC pump in China. The actual test results were disappointed and did not meet expectations. Some pumps stopped working after testing thousands of hours, some increased noise. At the same time, the ECMO industry requires accessory pumps to obtain FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification, this strict standard which also make many domestic mini pump suppliers from outside the door.
At the recommendation of a German partner, S company knows Topsflo pump, and learned that some domestic medical enterprises in Germany use TOPSFLO pump. Its performance is similar to that of German and Japan pump, and cost is lower, delivery time is shorter.
S-company ‘s purchase actively contacted with Topsflo. After careful listening to the demand for product applications and parameters, Topsflo sales engineer precisely recommended a medical circulation pump TL-C01-B24-2211. This pump is not only a food grade pump, but also has been FDA certification, sold for more than 10 years in North America and Europe, with endorsement by a number of medical companies.

After 10 samples received, they start doing various tests at the first time. customers including high and low temperature performance tests, high temperature storage tests, durability tests, temperature rise tests, extreme pressure tests, salt spray corrosion tests. All test results
exceeded customer needs, completely meets the needs of the product.
S company technicians happy to say: "I did not expect that there are such a high performance pump in our country. It is very helpful to our domestic replacement project. there is a chance I will recommend to my friends "Topsflo" brand. "
The core parts were found and everything became more smooth.
In 2020, the first domestic portable ECMO system developed by S company independently, officially entered the registration process, which is the only domestic ECMO system in China to enter the registration process. In September 2021, the product was approved by the ethics committee of Fufa Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and officially launched clinical trials in November 2021. In January 2021, the state announced the project information on the proposed project of "ECMO system R&D", and S company became the first group of companies to list.

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Focusing on the micro pump industry for nearly 20 years, Topsflo has not only successfully helped ECMO heat exchange tank solve the pump problem, but also played a very important role in other medical equipment . Topsflo is such a professional micropump enterprise, from the founding of the company to the present, the original intention of the enterprise leaders has never changed, always upholding a spirit of craftsmanship, do the best mini pump, create the micro pump industry for a century enterprise. (some information Sourced from internet)