TFSD30 New-Generation High-Performance Diaphragm Liquid Pump


Currently, in the fields of IVD and analytical instruments, high-performance diaphragm liquid pump have long relied on imports. After the occurrence of global trade disputes and the COVID-19, issues such as the price and supply cycle of high-performance diaphragm liquid pump have significantly impacted the production of high-end medical and analytical instruments in China.

TOPSFLO has been deeply involved in the field of micro diaphragm liquid pumps for more than ten years. In response to the above problems, the R&D center established a special project in 2020. After countless improvements and upgrades, it will finally launch a high-performance diaphragm liquid pump suitable for a variety of medical scenarios in the second half of 2022—TFSD30 Series. The launch of TFSD30 Series marks that domestically independently developed diaphragm liquid pumps have fully reached and surpassed German and Japanese products in performance, reliability and other fields.

Diaphragm Liquid Pump

High-performance diaphragm liquid pumps face multiple challenges during operation, such as lifespan and reliability under high working pressure, tolerance to various corrosive chemical media, sealing performance under high pressure, the impact of noise and vibration on instruments, and issues related to valve plate adhesion and suction reliability when extracting viscous liquids.

To meet a wide range of customer needs and application scenarios, TOPSFLO focused on independent research and innovation in the development of the TFSD30 Series pump. In the early stages of technical development, new technologies, structures, materials, and processes were employed. Multiple high-precision devices accumulated test data, and with collaboration from various sources, the TFSD30 Series achieved another leap in product quality and performance.

1.Modular Design: The product is designed with modularity, allowing flexible combinations of core components, materials, and processes. This enables rapid customization and production delivery with the shortest development cycle and minimal cost:

Micro diaphragm liquid pumps need to be integrated into fluid systems in various industries. Customers' working points, conditions, media, pipe types, power supply, and control systems vary significantly across different application industries. Even the same customer will have different requirements for fluid properties in different projects and systems. Our rapid customized services based on customer needs have always been well received and recognized by customers.

From the inception of the TFSD30 Series, TOPSFLO adopted a product mindset based on modular design, planning and designing the components, materials, and structure of the product. This approach allows us to provide customers with various high-quality and rapid customization services at the minimum cost. Customers can choose different pump heads, connectors, materials, and motors as needed, obtaining customized models with corrosion resistance, pressure, and flow characteristics. The TOPSFLO sample line immediately customizes production based on customer choices, ensuring that customized products have fast delivery times and cost advantages comparable to standard products.

2.High output pressure for continuous operation in high-pressure conditions, providing a continuous power source for inkjet and cleaning applications:

The TFSD30 Series is a liquid pump with a wide range of operating pressures. It can operate under -35kPa negative pressure, drawing liquid from a negative pressure container or from a location below the pump body installation position of 3.5m. It can also output liquid under +600kPa positive pressure, achieving a liquid lift of over 60 meters. Specially designed and pressure-resistant diaphragms and pump bodies, with optimized processes, not only enable the output of high-pressure liquid but also ensure continuous operational lifespan under rated high output pressure. When the TFSD30 Series is connected to a micro atomizing nozzle, sufficient working pressure can produce ideal micro-sized mist droplets. When connected to a needle nozzle, it can output a strong high-pressure water column.

3.Use of high-end corrosion-resistant materials to meet chemical compatibility requirements for various corrosive media applications:
Facing various corrosive media, TOPSFLO, in the selection of rubber and sealing materials, introduced not only conventional EPDM rubber but also fluororubber. Collaborating with leading suppliers of special rubber materials, TOPSFLO developed perfluoroether rubber (FFKM) valve plates and sealing systems with excellent corrosion resistance. Additionally, corrosion-resistant materials widely praised in the industry, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), were also applied. The variety of corrosion-resistant material choices allows the TFSD30 Series to be compatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, strong bases, and organic solvents. It can be widely used in the transfer, washing, disinfection, cleaning, and inkjet applications involving highly corrosive liquids.

4.Optimized pressure resistance structure, elevating the pressure resistance capability of the micro diaphragm pump from 500kPa to 800kPa:
To meet the sealing and pressure resistance requirements for high-pressure applications, TOPSFLO R&D team comprehensively referred to the design features of various domestic and foreign high-pressure liquid pumps in the structural design, and made multiple improvements. Such as using glass fiber-reinforced polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) engineering plastic as the pressure-resistant pump body. This not only optimized the part structure but also reduced points of seal failure. The pressure-resistant pump body components' sealing and fastening pressure were optimized and strengthened, achieving a comprehensive pressure resistance performance of the TFSD30 Series surpassing similar products at the 800kPa (0.8mPa) level. In addition to enhancing the pump body's pressure resistance, the TFSD30 Series has undergone specific optimizations for pipe connection reliability and prevention of pipe detachment under high pressure. When used in high-pressure conditions, it can be equipped with a sleeve-type pipe sealing joint to enhance pipe pressure connection reliability.

5.Non-adhesive one-way valve structure for excellent self-Priming stability:
In order to minimize the industry-wide issue of self-priming failure caused by one-way valve adhesion when extracting viscous liquids, TOPSFLO significantly enhanced and improved the product structure during the development of the TFSD30 Series. For example, the surface-sealing structure of the one-way valve plate was changed to a line-sealing structure to reduce medium retention and adhesive surface area. Fluid structure calculation simulations and 3D printing technology were introduced to minimize the working dead zone of the volumetric pump. This achieved higher suction negative pressure than similar imported foreign products, resulting in more stable and reliable self-priming performance.

6.Multiple motor options covering a wide range of lifespan and price ranges:
The TFSD30 Series offers various motor options, including DC brushed motors, conventional brushless motors, and enhanced bearing custom brushless motors. These options cater to intermittent users, customers working under long-term continuous low loads, and those operating under long-term high-pressure and high-load conditions. This provides the most suitable configuration options, meeting the high reliability demands of challenging conditions and the cost-effective options for applications prioritizing cost. The diverse motor options also give users a broader range of choices in terms of power supply voltage, speed control mode, electromagnetic compatibility, and more.

7.Excellent and linear flow rate adjustment control characteristics:

To achieve stable liquid output flow rate control, the TFSD30 Series can control motor speed through PWM signals. Optimizations were made for speed-flow characteristics. With the combined effect of the motor controller control program and optimized internal structure, the speed control curve of the TFSD30 Series exhibits superior linearity compared to conventional diaphragm pumps. This enables customers to easily adjust and control the pump's output flow rate through programming and control signals in various applications.

The new generation high-performance diaphragm pump TFSD30 Series has started prototype testing for initial users and will continue to iterate and improve based on customer feedback. TOPSFLO adheres to the core value of "creating value for customers" and is willing to work together with all customers to advance the continuous improvement of diaphragm pump technology and product quality. If you would like further information on the TFSD30 Series high-performance diaphragm pump or apply for prototype testing, please contact our pre-sales engineers.