TOPSFLO Weekly Study Meeting-Keep Continuous Improvement


At the end of every week, TOPSFLO holds all kinds of study meetings, a wide range of contents including products, sales, teamwork, management and so on, aiming to improve overall ability of staff, possessing more competitive edges in the market. That’s why TOPSFLO pumps become more popular, TOPSFLO team is more professional, and get more and more clients at home and abroad.

A study meeting about EQ and emotional management was held on Dec 12, 2015.

Every one in TOPSFLO would be better in work and life if they can manage emotions better. Compared with cognitive and behavior processes, emotion is the most stable and recessive impact strength. From the psychological point of view, positive attitude brings positive emotions and triggers positive actions. Therefore, a positive attitude and emotions is lifelong pursuit of a state for everyone.

Emotion is the core mentality; positive attitude depends on positive emotions. Follow steps are beneficial for us to manage emotions reasonably.


To manage emotions, we must first be able to perceive emotions.


Healthy emotional state does not mean positive. Instead, you have to show consistency between emotions and events that you encounter. Most of the time, people suffers from emotional conflict, but not emotion itself.


Emotional health is the expression of their emotions; the subject is "I."


It takes a while to develop and exercise emotional management skills.

With the rapid development of society and technology, competition is becoming fiercer for all markets globally. Especially in the field of pump, we get much more pressure from market changes, economy, competitor, increasing production cost, labor cost and so on. Emotional management skills are vital for a company, for all staff.

Catching up with the developing steps and challenges, TOPSFLO uphold the concept of “KEEP INPROVING COMPETITIVENESS OF PRODUCTS, EMPLOYESS AND OVERALL STRENGTH”, aiming to be the world-class supplier of micro pumps in the world. We are looking forward to more suggestions on our product & service.