Welcome Netherland Customer to visit Topsflo


Congratulation to Topsflo DC Pump sales value reaches an new-highs. Topsflo Pump won more well-known international customers favor and recognition since their core products brushless DC micro pump upgrade to high efficiency new generation, Topsflo sales value increase 50% from year 2012 to 2015, and even increased 80% in year 2016.

All the good results are inseparable from the customer's continuous supporting, and the Netherlands customers who visit Topsflo at June setting an good example for it. The customer mainly study intelligent temperature controlling box for storing drugs at an 2 to 8 Celsius degrees environment, with the boxes the drugs can be access at any time without deterioration. The beginning of the cooperate since the first machine designed at the year of 2011, they selected Topsflo from many Chinese pump suppliers and started a few years of pleased cooperation since then. Now they are researching the 2nd generation machine to meet the requirement of the international market, and they chose Topsflo as their only brushless pump supplier.
The customers reviewed quality control for raw material and finished products quality control and tracking methods rigorously , after carefully listened to our detailed producing process and they also made some valuable suggestions for Topsflo produciton team. The point of the visit is to confirm an suitable pump mode to the project, except the common issues such as the lifetime, outline and raw material etc. , the discussion focused on the following 3 aspects:

1. Due to this machine installed indoor, low noise level pumps are required to provide customer better using experience. Topsflo's impeller is unique designed one-time injection technology injected by Japanese JSW machine make sure the high precision, the inner ferrites distribution is uniform. Together with the importing bushing, bearing and gaskets, the pump batch order noise level can be lower to 30dB, that means pump noise is less than the environment noise level where the machine is.

2.Choosing suitable speed control method is very critical to realize the controlling system function. / PWM or / 5V two programs are provide by Topsflo Pump to matched two kind of controlling way, which is separately controlled by the customer system panel and by external controlling knob. Topsflo pump 80% of the electronic components are directed importing from the international well-known manufacturers, that guarantee the PCBA ’s long-term stable performance. Many new customers feedback that their current DC pump control function is easy failure after used 2 to 3 months,when this problem happen, the user should consider the raw materials is second-hand material or reworked.

3. How to exhaust air in the pump and it’s connection system is another common important topic during designing. The pump lifetime will be greatly reduced if the connect way is not good. Our engineers provided a complete set of standard pump installation solutions and provide an special recommendations the customers system according to years of pump research experience and helping the customers solve the exhaust problem from the beginning.
Mutual understanding between Topsflo and the customers are enhanced and the customers very impressed with our professional by helping them choose an suitable pump and solved the designing problem during the visit. Topsflo's all actions keep following its quality policy"by the spirit of craftsman, setting up the micro pump industry's benchmark, building up international quality brand, striving for the best, building up customers' satisfaction and keeping improving product quality", and which being the direct reason for customers with the same product attitude to choose us. Welcome more customers to visit us for business discussion.