Topsflo specialized water pump for sous vide cooker


What is sous vide cooking? “Sous vide” is French for “under vacuum” and refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in precise temperature controlled water bath.

In the past, sous vide is only limited in the high end restaurant due to its expensive cost. Executive chefs around the world use sous vide cooking to prepare food to the perfect level of doneness while also retaining its nutrients. But the technique isn’t just limited to high end restaurants in recent years, affordable sous vide equipment have made sous vide cooking available for home use.

So what kind of sous vide machine is suitable for home use? Yes, it is thermal immersion circulator, the innovative home use sous vide machine. To make a delicious cooking via sous vide, you only need 4 things. An immersion circulator, a pot, a vacuum bag and a recipe.

This kind of immersion circulators are the single-best sous vide solution for home cooks — they’re affordable, easy to use, and occupy very little space in your kitchen. Additional, it makes cooking much easier. So what are the benefits of sous vide cooking? The most significant advantages are precise control and retain nutrients. Precise temperature control ensure your food never becomes over- or undercooked. Low temperature retain food’s vitamins and nutrients and taste more freshly.

The immersion circulators popular brands include Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, and PolySciences, almost around 200 USD, its competitive price and practicability attract more and more attention. The typical application pictures show as below.

So what is the core technology for the sous vide machine? How to create an ideal water circulation condition? The answer is a reliable build-in micro water pump. Topsflo High Temperature Submersible Pump was specially designed for sous vide application, performance matching design, good quality assurance, existed successful cooperation case. Sincerely shortly introduce as below.

1. All wetted materials are FDA approved to be safety usage

2. Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal, without any leakage forever

3. Heavy duty work, can sustain continuous 24hours work

4. Sustain high temperature 105 centigrade submersible working condition

5. Low or no maintenance, reference long lifetime more than 20,000hours

6. WARS & REACH &RoHS & ISO9001 certification

7. Delicate structure, saving spaces, easy to be built-in the device

8. Flow rate and water head can be customized according to the different demand.


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