Topsflo tour to Xiangxi


 -- go into the mysterious ancient city, go into the most real heart, return to the original simplicity, never forget the beginning

At the end of August, the annual travel of Topsflo came in time. This is Topsflo’s benefits to all management staffs, to appreciate everyone who has been dedicated to the company! In recent years, Topsflo’s employees travel footprint can be described throughout all over the country. This time, the destination chose the mysterious Xiangxi. Enter the ancient city, feel the different cultural atmosphere, look for the innermost feelings of the innermost self, do not forget the beginning of the heart!
The whole trip is three days, the route is: Miao Village→Phoenix ancient Town→Border Town. After more than 6 hours' tourist bus driving arrive the first station: Miao village. The local villagers are very enthusiastic, the customs here must be antiphonal singing before dinner. In addition, the host will prepare a special gift for the guests: wipe a black dust on the guest's face, which symbolize health and auspiciousness! After seeing miao Village, enjoying the enthusiasm of the local people and the unique performances, hurried to the next station: Phoenix ancient Town!

At about 7pm, arrived the Phoenix ancient Town. The night scene is very beautiful. The stilted buildings on both sides of Tuojiang river are bright and unique. Sweet songs with the voice of guitar came from the bar, it is said that this is the holy land of love, and many people have met love here. Many colleagues also went to the bar to drink, sing, dance and had a good relax. The second morning, all staff continued to visit the phoenix town, feeling the different beauty from the night, enjoying the wonderful things from the Phoenix town, the ingenuity of the local people. There are local women carrying basket, and selling hand woven flower, and some plaiting the local features hair for tourists. Several female colleagues put on the local clothes and took some pictures. The simple music of folk rhyme with miao drum make people forget all troubles and unhappiness instantly, quiet, cheerful, the good feeling cannot be expressed with words. Several colleagues bought the drums to their children to play. Here also have many local cuisine, such as authentic bacon and Tuojiang small fish, blood rake duck, ginger candy, etc. Most of the colleagues bought some local cuisine to their families and friends as gifts.

After lunch, went to the last stop: the border town, the ancient town written by the famous writer Shen Congwen. This place is not big, comfortable, quiet, pure, plain, let people have a kind of strong desire to live here. All staff had dinner together at the riverside, enjoying the local delicious rice wine, full of sweat. They drank, talked and confided. Accompanied the beautiful and tranquil songs from the bar, let people felt this is the most authentic and happy appearance of life. The next morning, everyone was in a boat to feel the beauty of the old town, crossing the river to CuiCui island, which is a beautiful and sad love story. Went to the island which three provinces do not govern: Hunan province, Chongqing, Guizhou. Across the river, the language of the local people is completely different from the other side, so magical. After lunch together, the tour finished and returning home. 
The tour of Xiangxi is unforgettable! This was a journey of soul, purified the mind, went inside of the deep heart and had a real conversation with themselves. Return to the original simplicity, never forget the beginning of the heart. In life, while we keep moving forward, we also need to always look back and look for the original self and remember our original dream. Work hard, live hard, be kind, tolerant, and be a grateful person! Just as the corporate culture of Topsflo has always been advocated: Care, share, study, kindness, gratitude, loyalty, passion, teamwork, dream! In the big family of Topsflo, everyone has been adhering to the principle of "happy work, earnest life"!