Automatic smart home brewing machines, how much do you know ?


Many people like to discuss what beer tastes better, have you ever tried to brew beer yourself?  TOPSFLO cooperation partner newly released smart home brewing machine has attracted great concern of many people. The intelligent brewing machine can be connected via Wi-Fi with smartphone or tablet PC directly, which can control the type of beer, temperature, brewing processes, even degree of alcohol etc via App, meanwhile, the App also provide us different brewing tips and advices according to your own preferences, one machine can solve all complex traditional brewing processes, beer drinkers absolutely can not miss the chance to learn it more! 

    Combined with smartphone applications, intelligent home winemaking machine is automatically set minced, heating, fermentation, stirring for one, can intelligently control the entire brewing process, so that it is very simple and fun for people to brew beer at home are you also interested in it?  of course, in addition to high-tech process control, a good helper to realize the entire automation brewing process is the brewing pump, the pump as the core component of the entire device really deserve you pay more attention to it when choosing & using brewing pump.

Here are a few suggestions from TOPSFLO intelligent brewing pump expert:

1. For home brewing pump, the first choice is DC brushless centrifugal pump. Compared to AC pump, DC pump operates more safe, works quieter and longer lifetime. DC brushless centrifugal is cost-effective, with advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal without any leakage forever, efficient ECM brushless motor with >20,000 hours long lifetime , can sustain 24 hours continuous heavy duty work. 

2. Not all centrifugal pumps are suitable for brewing, the brewing industry is different from others, for the pumping liquid is hot viscous wort, normal centrifugal pumps’ impeller easily blocked, so you need to choose a professional brewing pump, such as TOPSFLO TD5 stainless pumpwhich is fully stainless pump head & chamber, and specially designed internal structure, easy to clean with no block.
home beer brewing pump

3. The pump should meet WARS, NSF food-grade, suitable for long-term high temperature of 100-110C.(230F)

4. It is recommendated to clean the pump with warm water regularly, to let it work more smoothly, no residual contamination.

5. It is suggested that to install the pump horizontally to exhaust the air smoothly. Another, please using soft pipes or with some rubber mats or impending installation etc to reduce pump vibration & noise.

6. Please note that hard particles can’t go through pumps, if the liquid containing impurities, add a proper filter is much necessary. Filter’s material can be stainless steel, filter mesh specification will be determined according to the particle size (20 mesh screen can go through particles with diameter 0.97; 40 mesh can allow 0.045diapmeter)

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