Why to choose TOPSFLO as their OEM manufacturer?


 With strong production and processing capacity, TOPSFLO has reached the international advanced level in micro pump industry in varied aspects of manufacturing technology, technological equipment, production management, quality control and ISO certificate. Thanks to the deep cooperation with international top brands, TOPSFLO has been continuously devoted herself to micro pump OEM production and trade for 13 years, and accumulated a wealth of experience.

TOPSFLO is a micro pump manufacturer incorporating designing, developing, producing and selling. With the advanced technology and organized management, TOPSFLO not only can be commissioned to produce micro pump, but also can develop new micro pump according to client’s specification requirements. The products include micro DC brushless centrifugal pump, micro diaphragm air pressure pump & vacuum pump, and micro gear pump. On the basis of the introduction of the advanced technology & process aboard, and combined with the self advantages, TOPSFLO designed and developed a batch of micro pump products with the most advanced technology, strong practicability and reliability, which are widely used in house appliances, food and beverage industrial, automotive and mobile, medical facility, and printing & packaging and other field, and enjoy a good reputation from customers.
TOPSFLO has a long-term view on the trend of micro pump development. In order to better service international market, TOPSFLO continuously study the management control & QC system aboard, rapidly digest and absorb advanced technologies, constantly focus on the latest trend of world market, improve their own products technical content and cultivate their own R&D experts and technical staff over the years. Through these endeavor and innovation, TOPSFLO enriched their product range and made their products to be high value-added and high technological content.
1. TOPSFLO has a large-scale manufacturing plant: can simultaneously produce and process micro pump for many clients. And the quality is guaranteed.
2. Modernized management mode: reasonable enterprise structure, efficient operation, minimum internal consumption.
3.Strict QC system: Quality is the fundamental of enterprise development. Under the guidance of ISO International QC system, TOPSFLO can better ensure the stability of production and processing quality. All the micro pump parts tolerance are measured in micron and all the raw-materials are 100% traceable, so as to ensure the accuracy and consistency of product performance. 
4. A whole set of R&D prospect management system: the best product may not the latest product, but the products which can perfectly adapt to the market demands. TOPSFLO have set out a set of mature R&D prospect management system. Through keeping pace with product developers, so as to reduce technology risk factor and improve market competitiveness. On the premise of meeting the demand of customers, TOPSFLO micro pump has the characteristics of long life span, maintenance free, etc. 
5. Fast technical support: in order to seize the fleeting opportunity in fierce competition, TOPSFLO sales engineers can answer customers’ questions at any moment and assist customers to resolve system failure during use. 
6. Environmental responsibility: in the international OEM business, strictly enforce health and safety standards, and green certification. (Involving accidental injury, health quarantine, and relevant protect content of international organizations, etc) 
7. Stable price: TOPSFLO is committed to keep the stability of the product price and reasonable price fluctuation. All the product cost is spent in the quality, and no any unnecessary costs. 
8. Delivery capacity: TOPSFLO offers quick, convenient and safe transportation way. Customers can choose various delivery terms to meet their requirement. Before delivery, all the products should 100% qualified for factory test, and TOPSFLO provides eco-packaging so as to ensure the perfect condition during the transportation.