Testing standards for TOPSFLO homebrew beer pump TD5 NPT & BSP threads


 The stainless steel TD5-A24-2505 is one of the leading beer brewing pumps with high efficiency ECM brushless DC motor. It is smaller, lower power consumption, longer lifetime and safer than AC pumps, so more and more people are using TD5 DC pump instead of AC beer pumps.

● Food grade stainless steel             
● Long lifetime 30,000hours              
● 24hours continuous work    
● Max flow 25LPM & head 4.5M    
● Over-voltage / current protection   
● High temperature of 110℃/230F    
● Blocked/ Polarity protection 
● Eeasy to flush and clean
● Both BSP and NPT threads applicable

Currently, 5V speed control can be customized and you can adjust flow rate as you want, which is very convenient.

Few clients are confronted with threads issue when using Homebrewing pump TD5. Here are pump threads specifications and testing standards for your reference.
topsflo homebrew beer pump
homebrew pump
beer pump BSP NPT threads
 beer pump testing standards

Useful tip, it would be useful to use some teflon tape when connecting threads with tubes. It will be sealed more tightly. Hopefully all these information is helpful for you to assemble pumps in your brewing system.

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