KTM, who won the 19th Dakar Rally Championship, what kind of pump does their electric motorcycle use?


The Dakar Rally,the harshest and most adventurous racing sport, is known to motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world and has attracted the attention of 500 million people worldwide.Since 2001, KTM has won the Dakar Rally 19 times in a row. KTM, the world's most well-known manufacturer of off-road motorcycles, was born in 1934. Its off-road motorcycles have won many awards in the world off-road competition with their excellent performance.
As the world's top off-road motorcycle brand, what kind of pump is used in their electric off-road motorcycles?
It is the electronic water pump TA50 from TOPSFLO industry for motorcycles. KTM electric motorcycles which have extremely high requirements on the voltage shock resistance and the ambient temperature of the pump, and it must also have vehicle-grade anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities.
TOPSFLO TA50 motorcycle electronic cooling water pump has a wide temperature range of -40°C~125°C.Even in extremely harsh environmental conditions,, such as low temperature -40°C, it can work normally.Escorting KTM electric off-road motorcycles.
In addition, this motorcycle electronic pump adopts a special electronic solution design, which can realize a specific wide voltage operation, so that the electronic pump is not affected by the high peak voltage of the motorcycle or automobile power supply.
Moreover, this motorcycle electronic pump also continues the consistent high-efficiency and stable batch consistency of TOPSFLO. After many actual tests in the desert and on the snowy plateau, the performance maintains a stable output.
Since 2012, TOPSFLO industry and KTM reached a consensus on cooperation, providing a strong water pump power for the successful development of KTM's first electric off-road motorcycle in the world. In 2019, KTM engineers visited TOPSFLO again to discuss a new engine cooling project. In 2021, due to the epidemic, the two sides could not meet in person, but KTM sent us recognition and blessings via video.
Thank you for the close cooperation in the past 10 years,thank you for the support and recognition of TOPSFLO, and wish KTM better and better.If you have any points about high-quality motorcycle electronic cooling water pumps or about automotive preheater circulation water pumps, please contact us. info@topsflo.com