Thanksgiving for TOPSFLO’s May employee birthday and anniversary


In May, TOPSFLO ushered in a special day for two friends
Ruby's birthday, 5th anniversary of business manager
9th Anniversary of Employment
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The General Department has prepared birthday gifts, birthday cards, birthday snack gift packages, flowers and cakes for Ruby who has a birthday
Ruby testimonial:
Every year here, I have left too many good memories
Every little friend gave too much touch
This day is also the 9th anniversary of business director Amy's entry
The director of the business department who is on a business trip also specially sent WeChat blessings, thanking them for their hard work for TOPSFLO, thanking them for their 9 years of company, growing together, and serving together. Thank you for meeting, and for being grateful.
Commemorate the birthday and anniversary of each employee
Is a blessing and expectation
I hope that every employee will feel at home
Can also be a lifelong learner here, continue to grow and improve
Have a better life

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In the next ten years, we will walk together
Life is not a test of explosive sprint
But a marathon that tests endurance
Focus on the goal and stick to it
In order to reap the happiness you want!
May every birthday be celebrated with you at TOPSFLO!
May every anniversary, we all toast together to celebrate!
May every little friend never forget their original intentions and reap happiness!