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With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, people's demand for intelligent products is getting higher and higher. This demand also extends to the pump industry. For example, professional fields such as medical treatment, automobile, laboratory, water treatment, etc. have high requirements on the volume, noise and power consumption of water pumps, and at the same time, there is an increasingly strong market demand for the customized speed regulation function of water pumps.

The customized speed regulation function of TOPSFLO DC brushless centrifugal pumps (hereinafter referred to as "centrifugal pumps") has been widely used in fields with high speed control requirements. This is thanks to TOPSFLO's customized speed-regulating water pump solution that enables infinitely smooth speed regulation, and realizes closed-loop control through speed feedback. Thus, it can easily adapt to different working conditions in different industries, thereby improving the efficiency of the process.

Benefits of Customized Speed Control Function for Small Centrifugal Pumps
At present, there are many types of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps products on the market, many of them do not have speed regulation function, nor do they support customized speed regulation, because the speed regulation function of the pump will make the electronic solution design of the circuit board more complicated, and the requirements for stability and reliability are higher. The cost will also be higher.

TOPSFLO Micro DC Pumps has experienced electronic engineers. When designing electronic solutions, they will consider the needs of customers in different industries. Therefore, the circuit board has excellent performance in terms of stability and reliability, and has been unanimously recognized by many customers at home and abroad. The following are the three major advantages of TOPSFLO centrifugal pump customized speed regulation function:

1.Can adapt to the needs of different stages of actual working conditions
The  magnetic drive centrifugal pump which customized with speed regulation function, can adjust the speed based on the actual application needs, and control and adjust the water flow, water head, and pressure of the pump to meet the actual working conditions of customers in different industries.
2. Low power consumption, high efficiency and long lifetime
The start-up function of the speed-regulated water pump is very prominent, so that the start-up current changes from zero, the maximum value does not exceed the rated current, and it is very stable without impact, and the control power is very small under the same process. Moreover, the efficient speed regulation method can control the output torque more accurately, reduce the motor loss and the heating of the electronic components, prolong the service life of the pump, and save the maintenance cost of the equipment.
3. Simple operation and convenient control
Generally, a centrifugal pump with speed regulation function has 3 wires, namely red wire, black wire and blue wire. Usually, the red wire is the positive pole of the power supply, the black wire is the negative pole of the power supply, and the blue line represents the speed adjustment line. The wiring method of the speed regulation function of the centrifugal pump is very simple, the control is convenient, and troubles caused by improper operation can be reduced.

The excellent performance of the customized speed regulation function of  TOPSFLO small centrifugal pumps is due to the company's excellent R&D and design strength. Started in 2005, TOPSFLO has a group of professional structural engineers, motor engineers and electronic engineers, who can not only customize the speed regulation function, but also customize the size, structure, materials and other aspects of the pump. Over the years, TOPSFLO has cooperated with many internationally renowned companies such as Tesla, Whirlpool, Bosch, KTM, KOHLER and provided OEM supporting services, which has won unanimous praise from customers.

If you have OEM project customization needs, TOPSFLO will try our best to meet it; if you want to know more exciting content of centrifugal pump speed regulation function, please continue to pay attention to TOPSFLO!